About Me

I started this blog on 21st November 2011 on my forty ninth birthday.

I wanted to keep a permanent record of my last year in my forties.

I have now past that milestone and had a great year as can be witnessed by my blog posts.

I am marries with two children and I live in Worthing West Sussex. I have had a varied and interesting life including being a banker, doing a Shirley Valentine and appearing on the radio.

I always try to see the positive and you will never read a negative comment or status on my Facebook page.

I am now an English language teacher but I have to work entirely from home as one of my sons has a medical condition which means he is often off school and has a plethora of medical appointments.

I love cooking, reading, crafting and photography and I hope that you will find that my blog is a mixture of all these loves.

Thanks for stopping by