Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Here we are again at Wednesday the day we get to visit desks from around the world thanks to Julia

I have to be honest here, this was my desk yesterday as today it is covered in red peppers, tomatoes, ginger and red chillies, but more of that later.

Front and in pole position are my two, yes count them, antique ribbon boxes. Well they were originally cutlery holders but I use them for my beloved ribbons. I spent a happy hour or so sorting them out on Monday after buying my second box on Saturday. Well I say buying, loosely! My wonderful Godmother wouldn't let me pay for my purchases when we visited her antiques barn!
To the right at the back is a candy striped bag which contains candy striped fabric which I bought at a Vintage Bazaar in Hartney Witney on Saturday. Yes I had a busy weekend!

At the back in the middle are pillow/cushion boxes that I am making for upcoming craft fairs. I also made some Christmas cards.

I used stamps by the very talented Marion Emberson which I bought at Alexandra Palace on Sunday. Told you I had a busy weekend, didn't I? But boy did I pay for it on Sunday evening and Monday! Housework,housework and more housework.
Well I have to go now as my porridge is ready and I have to make chilli jam.
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Oh, some people were wondering about the bunting from last week. Well, the lady loved it thank goodness.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Wednesday again!
I'll get straight to my table as there is actual evidence of crafting activity! Steps back in amazement.
What can we see? Some papers by Anna Griffin, amazing papers by Tilda which proved very popular at the craft fair,my box of ribbons, (she says it as if it's the only box of ribbons!) and a random tureen.
The tureen is there because if you look at the end of the Welsh dresser you can see what looks like an enormous beetroot. It is, in fact, a bag of blackberries, raspberries and apples slowly dripping into a pan! I am making yet more jam. I had to move the tureen to make way for the pan. Simples.
I so need to get some proper work as so far this week I have made:
Rhubarb and Ginger Jam
Beetroot Chutney
Raspberry Vinegar
Herb Oil
Marble Cake
Chicken Pie (from scratch)
Blackberry and Raspberry Jam
And that was all by Tuesday!
Today I will be mainly sewing as I have a commission for bunting! Get me!
Here is the fabric I will be working with

The lady doesn't want the one to the left of the gingham, no problem I say as it will make a lovely cushion!
Right I'm off why don't you join in the fun at The Stamping Ground

Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Here it is again, Wednesday! Time for our weekly nose although I must admit last week I didn't visit many desks as I was so busy making, selling and recovering!
Here is mine this week. No crafting yet but some wonderful charity shop finds!
 So, what do we have? At the front two very old music books which I plan to use on cards. Ahem, well I always buy them and then can never near to rip them up. On top of the music books yo can see some buttons to replenish my stores. I also got that big jar for £2 and as I was leaving I spied the cat in the cabinet and I had to have him.
My nan used to have this green glass goblet with a little mouse inside and the cat hanging over the side. I inherited the glass and the mouse but the cat had been broken years earlier my my Nan's cleaner. Makes us sound posh, doesn't it? She was always so embarrassed about it. We weren't rich it was just that she worked full time and our neighbour loved cleaning and needed a little of her own 'pin money' so my Nan let her clean!
Anyway, I could leave without the cat and at £1.90 it was a pleasure to reunite cat and mouse
They are now residing in my 'vintage' corner!
I'll leave you with some photos of the vintage fair I did on Saturday. The weather was stunning and the entertainment was wonderful. All swing bands and Vera Lynn stylee. There was also vintage cars, military vehicles and some lovely outfits. I also did quite well selling all but one of my 22 jars of jams, chutneys and marmalade. I also sold quite a lot of cards and my big cushion.

Needs rotating!

22 Jars of Jam on the wall 22 jars of jam!

Please pop over to Julia's blog and visit a few more desks and I'll try my best to visit more this week

Take care

Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Back from holidays and back to school, yay I hear you cry. However, today is also the day the men are coming to service my boiler therefore WOYWW is in three parts:
              Part one, the dining room table

               Part two, the carefully staged sofa

Part three, the reality

So, I am doing a vintage craft fair at the weekend at St Dunstan's (I know it's been rebranded but old habits die hard) and I am frantically making stuff. I need to make bunting and lavender bags but I didn't want to be sewing when the boilerman is here! Although, he isn't here yet hence the Christmas cardmaking on the floor. It's an Anna Griffin kit and I'm not sure I like it. Luckily it's from QVC and they have a 30 day money back guarantee so if they don't sell, I'll send it back!
Today was back to school in our house and a big day as number 2 boy is starting senior school. He was so excited and couldn't wait. Number one boy was less so.

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