Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A different view today as I have discovered a craft I can do whilst watching TV!
Needle felting! I went to a friend's house yesterday and she gave me a quick tutorial on needle felting. I'm planning on making the heart garland from Mollie Makes magazine. I really want to make little animals too, but I think that might take some practice. The great thing was my boys wanted to try it too. They managed to make some hearts and really enjoyed themselves. I must go on the internet and get myself some more needles.
I'm currently sitting on the sofa watching QVC as they finally have some craft on and what's even better is that the lovely Marion Emberson is on. Word is, there will be regular craft shows. I'll believe it when I see it.

In other news: I've just been to a local charity warehouse and bought a wooden, two tier tea trolley! Can't wait to do it up and use it for my crafting. That will mean I can craft and watch TV! My husband might just kill me when he finds out but never mind

And finally, I would just like to say thank you to all of you who offered to send Tom a birthday card. His Mum would like to say thank you very much as some of them have started to turn up. He was so surprised and very, very happy.

Right, off you go to Julia's blog and have a nosey around.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I decided that I wasn't going to start this post in the usual way as we all know what day it is and why we are here! So here it is:
At the front are eggs,jars and recipes. Today I'll be making blood orange curd. In the middle is a pile of cards I made last week all ready to be sold. At the back are four jars of mango chutney which I made yesterday. Luckily the stink of the vinegar masked the vile smell which had blown over from France, I kid you not! And finally at the back is a pile of coins from our coin pot. I send my son to school every day with a pound but I have no change, hence the raid.

On Monday I was supposed to travel to Bristol for the funeral of a lady I'd never met. Sounds strange I know, but we met on Facebook and we made friends. Her generosity touched me; she sent me a donation for Epilepsy action because she said my photographs of the preparation for my tea party kept her going in hospital whilst she was receiving treatment for leukaemia  Unfortunately, Nina died just after Christmas after contracting a virus she just couldn't shake off. She was only 42 and leaves behind a husband and 15 year old daughter. I didn't make it to the funeral because of the weather so at 4pm, the time of her funeral, I did this instead:
Nina, loved cake!

And finally, do you fancy making a young man very happy? Another Facebook friend was saying yesterday how sad she felt for her 14 year old son as he had only received 4 birthday cards, which included one from her and one from the dog. Her son has special needs and it just made me so sad to think of this young lad with so few cards. I decided I was going to make it my mission to ask as many people as possible to make cards and send them to him. His mum will keep them all until she gets a big pile and tell them they must have all got stuck in the snow. If you want to be a part of this RAK, please leave a comment and I will pass on the address.

And the final finally, hop over to Julia's blog to check out some more creative spaces. Keep warm and have fun 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Brrrrrrrrrrrrr, is all that I can say. -14 in Norfolk? Glad I live in Worthing!

Here it is:

What that you say? Evidence of crafting? I know, right!
At the front the new Panduro catalogue and I HAVE to have the entire contents of pages 99-103. Under the catalogue is an ATC to be posted and the rest of the table is covered with 12x12s which I am going to sort out. I am also going to make some cards.

I have made 12 ATCs for a swap group and whilst I have enjoyed making them, I won't be carrying on with this group. I would be interested in joining another swap group if anyone can suggest one.
This is the ATC I made for the theme of 'Theatre'
I thought you might like to see what my table looked like last week when I was in the middle of a TWO day sort out of my 'work' bookshelf. I almost lost the will to live. However, on a positive note I have a beautifully tidy book shelf and I have managed to rehouse some unwanted books to two trainee teachers.

Nightmare, right?
Anyway off you go to hop around the world via Julia's blog whilst I make my coffee and get on with my sorting.
Keep warm

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Wednesday again! Really must get back in the habit of blogging more as I'm only doing it once a week. Oh well, here goes
So, what do we have this week? At the back on the left there is evidence that I have broken my New Year's promise, well when Dunelm Mills have Bazzill Basics for 24p a sheet it would have been rude not to. At the front is proof that I have been crafting, a birthday card for a 14 year old boy, In the middle are the binoculars that I bought my son for Christmas, we were all excited to watch 'Stargazing Live'last night and hopeful to see stars, however it was not to be all we got was rain. Also there is a pack of cards and a single matchstick, my husband and youngest son were playing pontoon last night. And finally a gift for me from a friend. 'Lovely' I hear you say, I'm in two minds about it and its message! Oh yes, and at the back The Hairy Dieter's cookery book and a job application form to be a home help!

Now run along over to Julia's blog to see some more exciting desks.
I'll leave you with a shot of my lovely tidy cupboards and a message from my sponsors!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I'm back!
I did actually take photos of my workspace for the last two weeks but never got around to blogging. It's been quite nice actually living a life away from my kitchen table!
Anyway, here's today's
 At the back is an empty cardboard box and some bubble wrap and newspapers, to the left is number one son's schoolbag, shock horror he is doing homework! Usually leaves it til the Sunday night before he goes back. In the centre are the daffodils my mum brought with her last Thursday when she came for dinner, she has a thing about having daffodils at Christmas, strange. Just by the flowers is a lampshade, obviously, and at the front is a bon bon dish which I bought on Ebay just before Christmas, hence the empty cardboard box at the back.
 This was the picture from the Wednesday before Christmas, this stack was number two son's. I can assure you I am not a multi millionaire but it's amazing how far I can spread my budget!
This was the picture from Boxing Day, number two son was very happy with the Monopoly and we were in the middle of a two day game, which I won.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, I'm off to clear out my cupboards and stick loads of stuff on Gumtree, failing that I'm off to blog hop on Julia's blog and donate all my stuff to the charity shop!