Wednesday, 24 April 2013


I am going to be really quick today as I have so much to do. I spent yesterday doing nothing! Do you ever get those days when you know you have a lot to do but just can't be bothered? No, just me then!

Here goes with my desk today:

At the front are some pillowcases I bought in my local charity shop, they were 49p each and I'm going to make them into lined bags using this tutorial I have a few more to use as well because I think, well if they go wrong it hasn't cost much!
Then there's the dreaded paperwork! Parents' evening tonight and it's really annoying because we didn't get appointments with all the teachers we wanted to see. I have a particular bone to pick with a particular English teacher!
There is also a pile of information from the WHO on malnutrition and world hunger. My son needs to to an essay for geography. Man, they have to do a lot more than I did at that age. But as least I did it without parental assistance and handed it in on time, unlike number two boy.
Ok, onto my other recent finds:

I am doing a village fair in June in a rather well to do area of Surrey so I'm looking for some interesting bits and bobs to put on my stall. I noticed the suitcases in a local junk shop so popped out to see how much they were. Some while later I returned to the house lighter of purse but full of ideas! I have just looked on Ebay to research the largest suitcase and it looks really interesting. The other two are a little shabby inside so I plan on tarting them up using this tutorial
The other finds were, the large wicker laundry basket, £15 (don't care if I have to keep it!), vase £1.50, jelly mould £2.99 and Hornsea biscuit barrel £2.99, the suitcases were £15 for the 3

Right, I really must go as it's my son's birthday tomorrow and I haven't made him a card. I hate making male cards.

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Take care and thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Short post today, hurrah I hear you cry, as I've lots to do.

Not a lot on the table today: 

However, the bed tells a different story

Trying to decide which fabric combination to use on a zipped bag I'm going to make for my mother in law's birthday.

It would appear that I entertained a few of you last week with my tales of woe about hosting foreign students. I'd like to tell you that things have improved since then. 
Unfortunately, I can't!
Let's just say that in the words of Mrs Meldrew, 'I could stuff a pillow with the pubic hair I've just hoovered off the bathroom floor'

This isn't the fabric for a pubic hair filled cushion, it is the fabric my son chose for his Nanny's bag. Good choice sonny!

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