Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Next Generation of Bakers

Yesterday my son was supposed to have nail surgery to remove part of his ingrowing big toe nail. However, he is needle phobic and just couldn't go through with it so we just came home with him feeling like a twit and me hoping that the CBT appointment comes through soon.

Anyway, because I'd thought that I'd be housebound all day I'd invited my Dad and his partner round for tea. My boys were a little bored so I decided to get them involved and before I knew it the youngest had made a fruit cake and the eldest a sponge! We had a lovely afternoon sat outside in the shade drinking tea, chatting and eating cake.
This cake is called a Cut and Come Again Cake and it was always a favourite in our family. My Nanny Battes was a wonderful baker and I can't remember a time when I didn't cook so it's really lovely to think that I now have two boys who can also cook. Maybe it's genetic?
Later in the day one of my students came round to return some Mollie Makes magazines I'd lent her and also to bring me this bracelet which she'd made
She makes the most wonderful things from felt and I am encouraging her and advising her on how much to charge. I'm thinking of getting her to make me a matching necklace. I'm also thinking that she should make little Father Christmases which I could sell at my craft fairs.
Anyway, today I am car less and keeping the boys from killing each other! So Michael made another fruit cake for my auntie and Limoncello for us!
I must dash now as I'm going to The Range to buy some spray paints so that the boys can spray some old garden furniture.
Enjoy the sun, if you have some!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I wasn't going to do this today as yet again there's nothing going on but then I thought, well I want to blog so I'll just show you what's going on on my work surface:
Yes, I was standing on a chair! What do we have? McDougalls book of baking as I need to make a cake without icing sugar, I've run out! I'm thinking banana bread as I have over ripe ones. Two cake racks as I made a sponge last night for my mum's work, hence the lack of icing sugar. A pile of paperwork including a letter from our local hospital inviting my son to help out with the paediatric training programme again. He loves it because he gets paid and we love it because it means another group of trainees will get to see a rare condition even if they have no idea what it is. My handbag, a biscuit barrel, my empty tea cup from breakfast and our new deep fat fryer! Never had one before but bought it in Lidls on a whim! 
I have been busy making cards for my Mum's work but I'll post them tomorrow as this is supposed to be short to keep Julia happy.
If you want to join in, hop over to The Stamping Ground and take a trip around the world without leaving your desk. I'll leave you with a rare thing:
A picture of me taken yesterday by my youngest son, if you look carefully you can see my other son in the sea.
Take care

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


This is going to be a world record post.

This is what's on my work space today; apricots and a plate!
Apricots because I'm making more jam, it is divine and I'm supposed to be giving some away but I keep eating it and a plate because 'plate' is today's #photoaday prompt.
If you want to see some more thrilling desks, pop along to Julia's to have a nose around the world. I'll bet a fiver there aren't any apricots on show

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Missing in action, that's me. I know I promised nearly two weeks ago that I'd post a shot for WOYWW, but that didn't materialise. Why? I've not been well! Typical isn't it? You work solid for five weeks and then you get a week off and you're ill. I wasn't dying or anything I just had an upset stomach for nine days which meant that I didn't feel up to much. I did manage to make two cards, because I had to. 
I also made some apricot jam, which was divine, and so easy. If you want to try it out, click on this link or look at my Facebook page, I took step by step photos. This is the final product

I also started a batch of Limoncello, but this takes two weeks. It is easy though, so don't let that put you off. It's well worth the wait

I also managed an ATC for a swap group I'm in, the theme was 'flowers'

I think I managed the brief!
So, on Sunday, our new student arrived; a Belgian. My first ever, but like buses, you wait seven years for one and then two come at the same time! He's very nice and very keen to learn, which is good, although too many questions before my coffee combined with my medication isn't such a good combo!
I'll leave you with another flower. Hopefully, it won't be as long til my next post.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I really want to join in with WOYWW so rather than post another empty desk I thought I'd give you some hope!
I have so many cards and projects to do next week, there's sure to be something interesting going on!
To see some far more interesting posts, hop over to Julia's blog for a nosey.

Monday, 2 July 2012

One Off The Bucket List

How can I begin to tell you how wonderful Friday was? I can't so I will just let the pictures do the talking. I urge you to go, you can get tickets for £40 click here to be taken to the Glyndebourne web site. You can just listen to the podcast if you want!