Fifty Things to do When I'm Fifty

I started this blog on 21st November 2011, my 49th birthday, to mark my last year in my forties. Well, I had a blast! So now I have added this new page to try and think of fifty things to do now I'm fifty. Now, I'm not wealthy so they'll have to be affordable. Please don't hesitate to suggest any to add to this list.
1) See an orchestral performance. Achieved 30th November 2012
2) Meet a cyber friend in the flesh
3) Visit Sugar and Spice craft shop
4) Learn needle felting Achieved February 2013
5) Appear live on stage Cancelled
6) Visit a stately home
7) See a ballet (hoping to go to Swan Lake at The Royal Albert Hall)


  1. I like your goals! Do-able. I should do 70 things for when I'm 70 (got 18 mo+ to go.Never dreamed I'd be 68...I remember when I thought that was 'so old'. It seems younger now. LOL)

  2. try skydiving. i did it after i turned fifty. it was awesome.