Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Well what have I been doing since last week? Not a lot of crafting I can tell you that! Today I will be glittering more eggs in the hope of threading them up later. While I was looking for a key yesterday I found a broken necklace in a drawer. Hoorah, I thought, more beads for my garland!
So here is my table today

Last Wednesday I spent the day doing guilt inspired housework, I washed, cleaned windows,changed beds,polished,waxed,hoovered and even made a chicken pie. And do you know what I discovered? The more you do, the less people notice!
On Thursday I went into Brighton to meet my sister-in-law for coffee and a little shopping. I bought my moisturiser from L'Occitaine and got a wonderful free gift, beautifully packaged as ever but I was too impatient to get into the goodies and didn't take a photo of it.
FREE Immortelle Discovery Collection 
when you buy an Immortelle moisturiser and another product.*

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 She then made me splash out on two lipsticks, £1 each and a pair of sunglasses, also £1
On Friday evening I went to a quiz organised by my son's football club, we didn't win but we had a great laugh and, as an added bonus, a fish supper.
Saturday broke bright and early, don't they always when you have a hangover? I did the boring things like washing and shopping but I also made over 30 cupcakes for the boys football match on Sunday. In the evening we had a wonderful BBQ, making the most of this mad weather.
Sunday was a very important football match for my son. All season they have been top of the table and if they won this match they would go up as champions. They only needed to win or draw, but unfortunately, they lost. All we can hope now is that the team below them lose this Sunday. Well, they've had a great season and have been promoted, so all is not lost.

Sunday afternoon found us at my mother-in-law's for a family dinner. Much Morris madness ensued, including cigar smoking children, I kid you not.

My husband took a day off on Monday so we went to town and had a walk along the seafront, a coffee and a go on the slot machines on the pier! In the afternoon my son had another football match at school, which went to extra time and then they lost on penalties. We celebrated with a curry! Is it just me or do curries taste better on a Sunday or Monday?
On Tuesday we'd planned to go to the pier after school as the weather is stunning at the moment, but |I received a call from the school to ask if my son could take part in the inter schools athletics cup. So change of plans and we ended up at the local sports centre until 6!
And here we are back at Wednesday.
If you haven't all died of boredom, why don't you pop over to Julia's blog and find something more interesting?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WOYWW and A Week in the Life of a Dining Room Table

Wednesday again and time to post pictures of our desks and have a nose at everyone else's! Now, last week my 'craft' table caused a bit of discussion as my slow cooker was perched on the edge, so this week I've decided to post pictures entitled; 'A Week in the Life of a Dining Room Table'. We'll start with WOYWW and work backwards!
This is how it looks this morning, waiting for me to finish glittering and painting polystyrene eggs. You can see some naked eggs in the bag, three tester pots of pastel emulsion, PVA, a box of pins, a basket of finished eggs, which look good enough to eat, some WIP and finally, the most amazing glitters from Martha Stewart. They are truly beautiful, 24 different colours it is impossible to pick a favourite!
Tuesday evening, showing the lovely glittery table, not appreciated by my 11 year old when he got glitter in his dinner!
Monday evening, trying to decide what to cook for the school cake sale. These are the lovely books my children bought me for Mother's Day. Well actually, these are the books my husband bought with the money I gave him for my Mother's Day present! Whatever, it doesn't matter as they are lovely.
Mothering Sunday, waiting for my mum and mother-in-law plus brother-in-law and nephew. We had a lovely afternoon with pizza and Chinese takeaway plus a couple of bottles of something fizzy. Plus cake and syrup sponge pudding. Yummy

Saturday, making cushions for Mother's Day presents. I left the messy carpet in the dining room so that my boys would have to do it on MD!! Cunning.
Friday. A one to one English lesson, quite dull for a Friday.
Thursday. In the corner where the slow cooker was yesterday you will now find an English course book. Thursday night is FCE class night. A group lesson which is always fun!
So there you go, a week in the life of a table.
Today I have vowed to be a good housewife as I had to jump out of bed at 07.02 this morning as number 2 son didn't have a school shirt. Thank heaven for quickwash cycle.
Don't forget to have a nosey and I'll try to visit at least 15 desks today. Once I've done the hoovering!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Hi all, here we are the busiest blog day of the week! I have actually been creative this week. On Saturday I went to a three hour Stampin Up workshop and I made three cards, a birds nest and a little Easter gift box. I also had a cup of tea and a piece of cake all for the sum of £13. What a bargain I say. So I was all inspired and took the layout of one of the cards and ran with it ending up with a total of 6 mini cards.
Here is what my desk looks like this week:
There's a lot going on for a change. My favourite colour of in at the moment is Rhubarb Stalk by Memento  and it goes perfectly with the burgundy cardstock from Stampin Up which I received in a swap for some Promarkers. I know people love Promarkers and collect them all but I hardly ever use them so I swapped 19 of them with a lady who used to be a Su demonstrator. The set of stamps are from Hero Arts which I bought years ago and are quite sweet and slightly Easter themed. The papers are of course by October Afternoon and Jillibean Soup.
In the background you can see my slow cooker which very kindly cooked us a piece of pork on Monday and today will be cooking a chicken casserole!
For my next trick I will be making ribbon covered Easter eggs to stick in a bucket! Trust me I know what I'm doing.
I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of my cards because I think they're tweet.

Oops nearly forgot to put the link in for Julia's blog that's because I installed the clever button at the top!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chick,chick,chick,chick chicken

I was inspired by the card I made at the Stampin Up workshop I did, so much so that I made rather a lot of cards!
Plus March Photo a Day; Fork and A Sign

Gotta dash, dinner's ready and pasta waits for no man

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Photos Galore

No script today just photos. Red, Loud, Someone You Talked To Today and cards a plenty

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Quickie

Not much time today so just two photos for the March Photo a Day Challenge.
Something I wore
And today's is Window I've been naughty and done two! Not as bad as my friend, she does three. She always was a naughty girl!

Thanks to all of you who helped me with how to post my blog award and you might notice I have a couple of new gadgets. I love seeing where my visitors have come from!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WOYWW I'm Back!

After missing last week's I was determined my desk would be crafty this week so here goes:
This one is a long shot showing my breakfast! I really should have porridge as it's healthier than toast and peanut butter but my kitchen was such a mess that I decided toast created less washing up! Also decided on peanut butter today as I've become addicted to my lovely marmalade and have neglected my best friend PB.

This shot shows what I'm going to do today. Yesterday afternoon I made a quick card on the front room floor! I'd been watching a craft hour and got inspired. The papers are by SEI, not my usual paper of choice, but I brought them from somebody on FB and it is nice to get out of your paper rut. At the back there is a cake box and on top three mini jars of marmalade. These are for my Dad, it's his birthday on Sunday and he was supposed to be visiting yesterday. I was here, the cake was here, the card was here,the present was here, where was he? At home, he forgot to tell me he couldn't make it! I'm dropping it up to him this afternoon. The cake is missing a few slices but I'm sure he won't notice!
Yesterday's photo a day was 5pm, this is the time I come into the kitchen, switch on Simon Mayo and start the dinner. It's also the time my American relatives are up and playing Words With Friends, my latest addiction.
There are some really random words allowed on this game and it's rather frustrating but if you can't beat 'em join 'em.
I'm going to leave the cards until tomorrow as I've just read a great tip about photographing cards on Kirsty Wiseman's blog, so I'll give that a go and you can see the results tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to join in the WOYWW fun at Julia's
Oh, if anyone's still reading, I've been given three Liebster Awards and don't know how to post the badge in my sidebar so if anyone can give me straightforward instructions, I'd be eternally grateful!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Photo Catch Up

Let's get straight into the photos
The categories are; Fruit, well they are orange trees and I didn't have any photogenic fruit in the house! Your Neighbourhood, Bedside and Smile.
I have been busy doing nothing much at all, my son only went back to school today. I did manage to make a couple of cards and yesterday I did a Christmas dinner for my mum and M-i-L and I made the little tags again. My mum very kindly left me her car to use as we finally waved goodbye to chug-a-lug as the Corsa was affectionately known.
Hopefully this week I'll get down to blogging everday as I know that next week I may not have time as I have a French student coming to stay.
Thanks for stopping by and I'd love to see your march photo a day entries!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Last month I noticed, too late, a photo challenge, so when I saw one was coming up in March I was determined to enter
Today's heading is 'Up' well I am and here is what I was looking at when I realised it was 1st March and I should take a picture of up!
It's the view I have from my table where I spend most of the day!
It's been a bit of a slow week as I've had my son off school since Tuesday. Also my car is officially dead so I've been housebound. I was supposed to be going to Arundel today to meet my Godmother, but I've had to cancel that :-(

Yesterday was WOYWW and for the first time in ages I didn't enter as I only had piles of paperwork and English books on my table and didn't think anyone would want to look at that. However, today I am determined to make something! I did a swap a while ago with a lady who sent me some wooden hearts and I'm thinking of making bunting out of them. I also need to make a card for my Dad's birthday and of course it's Mother's day soon so I have two cards to make for that. I have made an ATC for this month's swap but can't show it until I've sent it out!

If you want to join in the #MARCHPHOTOADAY you can find the list here and if you want to check out some interesting desks you need to go to the Stamping Ground blog
As for me? I'm off to wash up and get messy!