Friday, 12 October 2012

Fiddly Friday

I have managed to post a few more times this week under my made up titles!

Thrifty Thursday

We have the most amazing charity shop in Worthing, it raises money for DEBRA a little known charity. The reason why it is so amazing is that they style it so beautifully. The guy studied art and design and has done window dressing. I will be stealing one of his ideas for Christmas. He had naked umbrellas, if you understand what I mean, and strung fairy lights through them. He then hung them from the ceiling to create the most beautiful effect.
I always like to pop in there to see what they have. This week I managed to buy these little beauties for the princely sum of 50p
The hanky will make the most beautiful lavender bag as it is made of crepe rather than cotton. The glass jar is just perfect for my raspberry vinegar that I made in the summer. When I make jams, vinegars, oils, chutneys and flavoured alcohols there is always a quantity left which I put into random pots and jars for myself. I keep the new jars and bottles to sell but I like to be able to say that I have tried all of my produce so I can tell my customers the truth about it.
Another bargain buy recently was from a jumble sale,, my first ever adult experience of one
Tiny little jars which were formerly spice jars but now hold my small buttons, all colour coded. My husband couldn't understand why I spent so long sorting them out! I told him that when somebody asks me to make a blue button heart, I'll be able to do it a lot quicker. His reply? 'How often do you get asked that?' 'Oh, you'd be surprised!'

Finally, Fiddly Friday
I started off the day thinking I would make lavender bags and bunting, however I made the fatal mistake of checking Facebook before I started and ended up making this:

It started off we me trying to make my own bags out of paper as I'd seen on a blog but decided it was better to use pre-made kraft bags. I have ordered 50 bags at 12p each so watch this space for more!
These are the rejects

Take care and have a great weekend, I managed to phone my Mum to ask her a favour and ended up with an invite for Sunday dinner. Excellent!


  1. Debra is a charity close to my heart. Love your finds!

  2. Fabby friday finds. Where do you get your bags from ???
    Naked umbrella's with fairy lights sounds so pretty.

  3. Sorry so late trying to make the last of my rounds before the next go around!I like the idea of the spice jars for the buttons looks really nice!Tamika #14

  4. Lookin good :) Love having a peek into the spaces of fellow crafter's! If you happen to peek in on my blog, be sure to wear a hard hat! LOL!