Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Well It's Here

Well it's here, my last day in my forties! What do I do tomorrow? Change the blog title? Retire from blogging? Add a subtitle? Or just carry on regardless?

I think I'll do the latter.

So it's been quite a year and quite a decade really. This time last year I was going to spend the evening in London and wake up on my birthday in the big smoke. As for the decade? Well, traumatic would be one word to sum it up really.

What has this year brought? 

  • Lots of fun on the internet with my 'cyber' friends. 
  • The opera at Glyndebourne with a 14 year old boy. 
  • Fund raising the only way I know, making cakes. 
  • Strange birds in my tree.
  • Sending Christmas trees in the post and getting a discussion about it started on radio 2!
  • Going to Wigan for the first time in my life
  • My oldest friend emigrating to the other side of the world
  • Vintage craft fairs
  • Visiting relatives from America
  • Peacemaking between my mother and Godmother (praise be that's sorted)
I'll leave the bad and sad things which have happened as I try to always be positive.
Right that's it, I'm off to enjoy my last day in my forties.


  1. You'll be fine!! Keep enjoying every day - I've rediscovered my adventurousness in my 50s!!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow :) Have fun!
    LLJ xx

  2. Go for it! You can even learn to say 'No' to things you really don't want to do. Try new things, experiences. Little and often! Have a great day whatever you decide to do - whatever treats are planned for you. And I'm just a wee bit older than you (ha! ha!) Love EmG xx

  3. It's not so bad Jacko, but expect a free sample of Tena Lady to land on your doormat anyday soon!
    Have a great and memorable day, photo's please.

  4. Wigan being the most awesome place in the world!
    Happy Birthday lovely - stay in before 1pm ;) x

  5. Now I should have read this post *before* I asked my dumb question on the next one! Hooray for cyber friends xx