Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Short post today, hurrah I hear you cry, as I've lots to do.

Not a lot on the table today: 

However, the bed tells a different story

Trying to decide which fabric combination to use on a zipped bag I'm going to make for my mother in law's birthday.

It would appear that I entertained a few of you last week with my tales of woe about hosting foreign students. I'd like to tell you that things have improved since then. 
Unfortunately, I can't!
Let's just say that in the words of Mrs Meldrew, 'I could stuff a pillow with the pubic hair I've just hoovered off the bathroom floor'

This isn't the fabric for a pubic hair filled cushion, it is the fabric my son chose for his Nanny's bag. Good choice sonny!

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  1. oh good grief, I don't know how you cope Jaki! what with slurping and now bathroom issues yuk!
    love the fabric choice, your son has good taste!

  2. Oh my goodness....what can I say!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished bag.
    Karen #102

  3. Sorry to hear about your pubes problem, surprising really as I didn't think Japs were that hirsute. (Am I allowed to say Japs?) I missed last weeks post for some reason so I just caught up.

  4. your fabric selection is beautiful, I would have a hard time choosing! Sorry to hear about your...erm...'hair' problems!

    Lauren x #127

  5. Ewww!! Hopefully not too long before he packs his bags and returns home. Lovely fabric selections. Well done that boy :o)

  6. as much as your fabric is lovely the thoughts you have left me with are not, gosh the things that go on I hope it improves soon for you

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #64

  7. I'm just speechless over your foreign student's comment.... But I like the fabric! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #117

  8. Pubes??? What have I missed whilst I've been in Wales!!! Lol :)
    Great fabric choices btw. I like that zipped bag tutorial you's not too tricky. I've had an idea about that I will post about next week.
    Wishing you a japanese free zone ASAP :)
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xxxx

  9. Oh wow, things not improved then?
    Won't be long now.
    Deep breaths and calm!
    Lovely fabric, hope you share the finished article.
    No WOYWW for me this week, still catching up.

  10. Nice fabric Missus! Still retching over pubes though....