Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Next Generation of Bakers

Yesterday my son was supposed to have nail surgery to remove part of his ingrowing big toe nail. However, he is needle phobic and just couldn't go through with it so we just came home with him feeling like a twit and me hoping that the CBT appointment comes through soon.

Anyway, because I'd thought that I'd be housebound all day I'd invited my Dad and his partner round for tea. My boys were a little bored so I decided to get them involved and before I knew it the youngest had made a fruit cake and the eldest a sponge! We had a lovely afternoon sat outside in the shade drinking tea, chatting and eating cake.
This cake is called a Cut and Come Again Cake and it was always a favourite in our family. My Nanny Battes was a wonderful baker and I can't remember a time when I didn't cook so it's really lovely to think that I now have two boys who can also cook. Maybe it's genetic?
Later in the day one of my students came round to return some Mollie Makes magazines I'd lent her and also to bring me this bracelet which she'd made
She makes the most wonderful things from felt and I am encouraging her and advising her on how much to charge. I'm thinking of getting her to make me a matching necklace. I'm also thinking that she should make little Father Christmases which I could sell at my craft fairs.
Anyway, today I am car less and keeping the boys from killing each other! So Michael made another fruit cake for my auntie and Limoncello for us!
I must dash now as I'm going to The Range to buy some spray paints so that the boys can spray some old garden furniture.
Enjoy the sun, if you have some!

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  1. Mine love the idea of baking but it is mainly because they want to lick the bowl! I hope your boy gets sorted soon.