Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I wasn't going to do this today as yet again there's nothing going on but then I thought, well I want to blog so I'll just show you what's going on on my work surface:
Yes, I was standing on a chair! What do we have? McDougalls book of baking as I need to make a cake without icing sugar, I've run out! I'm thinking banana bread as I have over ripe ones. Two cake racks as I made a sponge last night for my mum's work, hence the lack of icing sugar. A pile of paperwork including a letter from our local hospital inviting my son to help out with the paediatric training programme again. He loves it because he gets paid and we love it because it means another group of trainees will get to see a rare condition even if they have no idea what it is. My handbag, a biscuit barrel, my empty tea cup from breakfast and our new deep fat fryer! Never had one before but bought it in Lidls on a whim! 
I have been busy making cards for my Mum's work but I'll post them tomorrow as this is supposed to be short to keep Julia happy.
If you want to join in, hop over to The Stamping Ground and take a trip around the world without leaving your desk. I'll leave you with a rare thing:
A picture of me taken yesterday by my youngest son, if you look carefully you can see my other son in the sea.
Take care


  1. Baking and beach weather... what could be better?!

  2. Lovely photo Jaki :o) So good to have some sunshine at last. We were given a deep fat fryer as a wedding present (although it wasn't on our list) and it cooked fine, but was a terrible faff to clean. Consequently it ended up in the bin! I'll be a late woyww'er today as no chance of getting the kitchen table until after lunch is cleared up. Enjoy the rest of your week off.
    Fiona xx

  3. Good luck coming up with something to bake - I so dont cook so only fairy cakes for me! Great photo of you. Thanks for visiting me. Sunshine Girl #1

  4. That McDougall's book looks well thumbed and loved!! I love old cookery books like that, my Mum had a cracking one...unfortunately it seems to have been disappeared.... :( Probably got chucked out!
    That's a really fab piccy of you - life just seems better when the sun is shining!
    Hugs, LLJ ~27 xx

  5. A lvely photo, now that is the place to be on the beach!!! I am jealous!! Have a grew week trace x. X

  6. Sun? is that Sun? Can you send it up to Blackpool please, sure can't take that kind of pic on the beach here right now!! Trish #55

  7. Ooh Jaki you're a real baker gal, jams, cakes..yummies! Love the pic of you, and the fact that you're on a beach...brave boy your oldest!!

  8. Wow - a bird's eye view into your world this week ! Hope the cake turned out well ! Ali#97

  9. your work space is a lot more interesting than mine! Hope the banana break worked out! Great piccy, good that you are getting some nice weather for a change!