Monday, 27 August 2012

Holidays at last

I am writing this from the dining room of my villa in Cromer! How posh I hear you say. I am very lucky in that my Dad has time share points and he felt sorry for us and booked this week using some of his points. It's very nice, you can see here and I'm sure the beds will be more comfortable than the over blown blow up bed from last week's camping trip. Also, it is our first holiday since July 2009 so I think it's well deserved

OK, so what did I learn whilst camping? You don't need men to have a BBQ, you can get through an awful lot of bacon when there are 22 for breakfast and not everyone's children say please and thank you. I also learnt, once again, that my grandmother was a very wise woman. She once said to me never to get involved when your children have fallings out as you will find out that in an hour the children will have made up but the mothers will have fallen out. I narrowly avoided this situation by taking a long walk to the toilet block for a little cry. I think the lack of sleep made me a little overwrought. I also learnt that adults can be like toddlers too with lack of sleep.
Don't you think that this looks like something from a film?
                                                         When six women go camping
                                      Waiting for the kettle to boil is much nicer in the sunshine
                           Is that clean?
So last night we spent at the Premier Inn in Clacton to spread our journey out a bit. It was lovely, two rooms, lovely dinner and all you can eat breakfast for £4.12 1/2 each! The breakfast that is not the whole thing. We awoke to the news that a lion was on the loose in..... Clacton! Hilarious.

After stuffing our faces we left for Cromer, via the scenic route. Or make that not very scenic if you include Great Yarmouth. No offence but it is awful! We had a very amusing journey as my eldest son was being very entertaining with his Facejacker impressions. I'm sure he'll be on the stage one day. 

Well that's all for now, my wine is getting warm and I have to order room service.

Toodle pip


  1. Enjoy your holidays Jacko, hope the sun shines for you. According to the 4 o clock news the Police have stood down now and say the 'lion' was actually a large domestic animal! I wonder what drugs the person who reported it were on ?
    No you can't have a stall !! I want them to buy MY stuff.

  2. How DID you end up going camping with such a large group anyway? So sorry that you ended up being involved in parental tantrums but glad you are having a well deserved time away - it looks great!