Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Another really quick one, Julia will love me!
This is my work surface at the moment, all ready for breakfast! At the top of the table you can see my nod to lesson planning! It's a book on phrasal verbs.
I have a young Belgian girl staying with me at the moment and we are gradually educating her palate! She is the daughter of an Ambassador and is widely travelled, however her food education is seriously lacking. Can you believe she has a French mother and is currently residing in the south of France and has never eaten a croissant before? I mean, really? So far her food firsts include: baked beans, tomato ketchup, crisps, Yorkshire puddings and Marmite. All a great success except for one, I'll leave you to decide which it was!
I will do a heavily photographical entry shortly with my Olympic pictures but for now I'll leave you with one!
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  1. reckon it was the marmite
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  2. My son in law is off to the Olympic's the week end, realy mad that he could not get tickets to most of the events he wanted to see, he was willing to pay out thousands! I love warm chocolate croissants or...just with marmalade have a great woyww
    ((Lyn) #18

  3. OOh Jaki, if she's a Parisienne I wouldn't be at all surprised about the Croissants...they seem to be a real tourist food! Anyway, good for you for introducing all our carbs and their acompanying person at a time, you'll turn them all English!! Olympic pics..exciting already a bit jealous!

    1. Her mother is from Paris and her father is Belgian! That may be the reason. I am doing my best, one nation at a time!

  4. Hi Jaki,

    Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment.

    So, I'm not too sure what Yorkshire pudding or Marmite is..... Marmite sounds suspicious though. Lucky you to be able to go to some of the Olympics!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #31

  5. My guess is Marmite! I hate it, although I do use it in cooking.

  6. I'm voting marmite too! Nice you were able to enjoy parts of the Olympics.

  7. Yum, yum, yum! Glad to see someone else picked up the special edition Marmite too, Jo x

  8. I'm speechless! I've been to Paris many times and never NOT been offered croissants. But please tell me you don't have marmite on yours??

  9. Ketchup??? there was someone on this planet who has never had ketchup??? blimey!!!!! Trish #10

  10. I haven't tried some of that since I live here in the US but I'm guessing marmite. :-)

  11. Phrasal verbs for breakfast....makes a change from Bran Flakes, I suppose!! But no croissants before your house...really?? I'm with the Belgian girl, Marmite....*shudders* Have you tried Black Pudding, Cockles and Laverbread from Wales, Deep fried Mars Bar - a gastronomic tour of Great Britain!!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes, I had a fab day and was thoroughly spoiled :D
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  12. Hi there Jaki, ah know it would be Marmite - we have Vegemite over here and most Aussies love it but no anyone else...and re monkey they escaped from Uk via my suitcase and my family brought the last one over :D love them! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #43

  13. How did I manage to miss you last week?! I would guess Marmite too, although I love it myself:)