Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Here it is again, Wednesday! Time for our weekly nose although I must admit last week I didn't visit many desks as I was so busy making, selling and recovering!
Here is mine this week. No crafting yet but some wonderful charity shop finds!
 So, what do we have? At the front two very old music books which I plan to use on cards. Ahem, well I always buy them and then can never near to rip them up. On top of the music books yo can see some buttons to replenish my stores. I also got that big jar for £2 and as I was leaving I spied the cat in the cabinet and I had to have him.
My nan used to have this green glass goblet with a little mouse inside and the cat hanging over the side. I inherited the glass and the mouse but the cat had been broken years earlier my my Nan's cleaner. Makes us sound posh, doesn't it? She was always so embarrassed about it. We weren't rich it was just that she worked full time and our neighbour loved cleaning and needed a little of her own 'pin money' so my Nan let her clean!
Anyway, I could leave without the cat and at £1.90 it was a pleasure to reunite cat and mouse
They are now residing in my 'vintage' corner!
I'll leave you with some photos of the vintage fair I did on Saturday. The weather was stunning and the entertainment was wonderful. All swing bands and Vera Lynn stylee. There was also vintage cars, military vehicles and some lovely outfits. I also did quite well selling all but one of my 22 jars of jams, chutneys and marmalade. I also sold quite a lot of cards and my big cushion.

Needs rotating!

22 Jars of Jam on the wall 22 jars of jam!

Please pop over to Julia's blog and visit a few more desks and I'll try my best to visit more this week

Take care


  1. Oh well done, great sales and perfect vintage style weather! The stall looked fab. Loving that you've managed to reunite the cat and mouse...I'm so familiar with that particular piece of vintage!

  2. Your stall looks fab!! Great you did so well!! Sarah x

  3. Looks like a lovely stall cograts on setting it up real nice, it looks inviting. Oh and that cat and mouse so, so cute.

    Thanks for sharing
    Eliza #93

  4. so fun to see the cat and mouse jar reunited, I remember those! Well done at the fair, your table looks fantastic!
    Regarding sewing on paper, no damage to my machine after about 5 years of sewing on paper and card, the only thing it isn't good for is the needle which you can change easily!

  5. I remember that cat and mouse goblet - one of my aunties had it, I'm sure! How fab that you found the little cat :D
    Am really glad that you had a successful day at the fair! It looked an amazing day, what a sky!!
    Hugs, LLJ #73 xx
    PS Sewing resumes next week - it's just I had a large order to do and really had to knuckle down!

  6. What a cool goblet. Glad that Jerry got his Tom back ;)It looks like you had some scrumptious goodies for sale! Congrats on getting so much of it sold. Thanks for the peek at the fair (and the beautiful weather to boot). Happy WOYWW- Amanda 97

  7. Well done for finding a cat for your mouse goblet. I bet you were thrilled to bits. Your stall looks fabulous, glad you sold so well. I found jams went really well at mine last year. Busy making now for this year.

  8. Super fun find, and your table looks a treat, no wonder you sold almost everything!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #144

  9. Gorgeous looking stall there luvvie and well done on all you sold. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day too.

  10. Oh my...that cat and mouse goblet takes me right back to my childhood. An aunt had one exactly the same.
    What a fabulous day and just look at that sunshine!
    What wonderful treasures and great photos ;D
    Happy WOYWW ♥Neesie♥ #40

  11. Love that banner tablecloth so much! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #36