Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A different view today as I have discovered a craft I can do whilst watching TV!
Needle felting! I went to a friend's house yesterday and she gave me a quick tutorial on needle felting. I'm planning on making the heart garland from Mollie Makes magazine. I really want to make little animals too, but I think that might take some practice. The great thing was my boys wanted to try it too. They managed to make some hearts and really enjoyed themselves. I must go on the internet and get myself some more needles.
I'm currently sitting on the sofa watching QVC as they finally have some craft on and what's even better is that the lovely Marion Emberson is on. Word is, there will be regular craft shows. I'll believe it when I see it.

In other news: I've just been to a local charity warehouse and bought a wooden, two tier tea trolley! Can't wait to do it up and use it for my crafting. That will mean I can craft and watch TV! My husband might just kill me when he finds out but never mind

And finally, I would just like to say thank you to all of you who offered to send Tom a birthday card. His Mum would like to say thank you very much as some of them have started to turn up. He was so surprised and very, very happy.

Right, off you go to Julia's blog and have a nosey around.



  1. Do let us see your heart garland when finished. I'm going to crochet class tomorrow hoping to improve my very amateur technique. Love your typewriter cushion.
    PS I did send Tom a card.

  2. Your felting project sounds gorgeous.

  3. Love your felting project :) And i adore your typewritter cushion

    Thanks for sharing

    Kerry @ 1

  4. Love all your little hearts, Needle felting is lots of fun {as long as your extra careful!!}'Clover' do some great need felting tools { }I found the mat and multi head tool very handy.
    Happy desk hopping day
    Hugz Minxy #59

  5. Hi Jaki - sigh, am gonna have to try needle felting, it looks fun.

    Now, would you like to join up with me in a two-person posse to track down Kirsty's troll? Such a mean spirited (and anonymous of course) piece of work. I know you can see straight to the point of what's being said too. Arrrrgh!!!

    Anyhow, happy felting, hope you manage to convince hubby that the trolley was dumped on your doorstep with a note saying 'Please look after me' or summick - and of course Happy WOYWW!!

    Hugs, Di xx#38 - ha, 38, I wish :( xxx

  6. I bet you can be very persuasive if you tried...try draping something over the trolley, he will probably not notice!! The needle felting looks amazing! I'm glad your lads enjoyed it...probably cos you get to stab stuff!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxx

  7. Comfy seat for crafting Jaki. Lovely.
    Could you email me the address for the card for Tom please.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #72

  8. Love your typewriter cushion, needlefelting fascinates me, but I am not going there...yet.

    Sheilagh 79

    Thanks for visiting :)

  9. I had to smile, you must have read my thoughts on QVC. I love Marion Emberson doing the shows but just wish they'd do more and at a regular time!!
    Your tea trolley sounds the perfect storage solution. Don't forget to show it once you've altered it and enjoy your felting.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #63

  10. Ooh I love needle felting. All those pretty coloured rovings. I'm in awe that you can do it and watch TV. I thought it would be a good craft for that, but I just kept stabbing myself! Nearly a week late I know, but I'm trying to catch up a bit after my blogging (and life) hiatus xx