Wednesday, 2 January 2013


I'm back!
I did actually take photos of my workspace for the last two weeks but never got around to blogging. It's been quite nice actually living a life away from my kitchen table!
Anyway, here's today's
 At the back is an empty cardboard box and some bubble wrap and newspapers, to the left is number one son's schoolbag, shock horror he is doing homework! Usually leaves it til the Sunday night before he goes back. In the centre are the daffodils my mum brought with her last Thursday when she came for dinner, she has a thing about having daffodils at Christmas, strange. Just by the flowers is a lampshade, obviously, and at the front is a bon bon dish which I bought on Ebay just before Christmas, hence the empty cardboard box at the back.
 This was the picture from the Wednesday before Christmas, this stack was number two son's. I can assure you I am not a multi millionaire but it's amazing how far I can spread my budget!
This was the picture from Boxing Day, number two son was very happy with the Monopoly and we were in the middle of a two day game, which I won.
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, I'm off to clear out my cupboards and stick loads of stuff on Gumtree, failing that I'm off to blog hop on Julia's blog and donate all my stuff to the charity shop!


  1. I've had a lovely time clearing out and sorting stuff, I find it very therapeutic. I give my cast offs to two ladies who do car boots for our brass band -they made £3000 last year!
    I would love to give you some stuff for Epilepsy action, would you like a few items? Then you can sell them when you next have a stall...all I ask is please let me know how much they make, just so I have some idea of my running total :)
    It's a great idea to swap, how could we easily do it? Meet at Gunwharf or somewhere? I don't know how far away that is for you. At the moment I'm free on Mondays and Fridays as well as weekends.
    Please could you email me your address and I'll have a sort out!

  2. It's lovely to have a post xmas clear out eh ? Happy New Year Jacko.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your clearout, its makes you feel so much better. Happy new Year to you. Tracey R ±48