Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Not a lot of action today apart from preserves!
Thought I'd show a shot of my tidied up craft storage. I won't show you the 'shoved it all under the bed because people are coming for dinner' shot though!
On the right there are jars of spiced plum jam awaiting labelling and two jars of rhubarb and blood orange jam awaiting eating! The rhubarb is purely for me, although I may give the tiny jar to my Mum, so generous. As the rhubarb was £2 for 400g it isn't cost effective to sell. In the summer I get my rhubarb from my neighbour but I do think that forced rhubarb makes such a pretty coloured jam. Well, if you don't burn it, it does! (whoops) My Mum suggested I give my neighbour a bucket and ask her to force some for me! I think a better idea is for me to buy a rhubarb crown and grow my own.
My beautiful ribbons take pride of place on top of my drawers and nestling between them is my faithful ATG, now restocked with genuine Scotch tape, so much better than the 'bargains' from Ebay.
Speaking of which, I have just answered the door to the postman who has just delivered a large box. I really must check out what 12 cm is before I bid on something!

Anyway enough of my problems, jump over to Julia's blog and join in the fun

Take care


  1. Your jams sound delicious. I have rhubarb in the garden and the rhubarb and blood orange sounds wonderful. I might have to try that. Is there a recipe? or is it your own concoction? Go on give Mum a taste ;-) Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 52

  2. Those jams do look delish. The first thing I noticed when I popped over to your page! I have a hard time getting adhesive for the Pink ATG I love that thing. Tamika #125

  3. Love the sound of your jams! I did have a bit of a giggle over the 12 cm thing, I am still in inches and have only just learned that 10 cm is 4 inches, so now I use that as my guide - doesn't always work but easy to multiply up....... Happy WOYWW, Anne x #35

  4. I can't convert cm to inches easily either, lol!! Love your boxes of ribbons. Have a good day.Helen, 14

  5. your jams look and sound so good and I am sure your mum will love you for her jar
    Happy WOYWW
    Ria #75

  6. Wow, I have never made jam and seeing them on your desk has me wanting to try it. I am intimidated by the thought of the process. Love your ribbons! They seem to multiply in my room all by themselves.

  7. Love your ribbon stash!
    Happy WOYWWuk.

  8. Your jams look lovely as do your ribbons. I thought of you when I was making sweet chilli jam a couple of weeks ago. I had the jars out on the kitchen top for several days, just so that I could admire them and revel in my domestic godessness!

  9. Oh! Yummy! Haven't made jam for years! Hope you are still enjoying your needlefelting! Chris103

  10. Just love your selection of ribbon..... I really have to much ribbon but its so lovely!!!
    Thanks for visiting my desk

  11. oh yum, your jams look delish! I would say definitely grow your own rhubarb, it grows like a week in the UK, must be all that rain! Mind you, that was Scotland I was talking about, might be drier where you are!

  12. How many ribbons do you have ?? You could open up your own haberdashery section :) I'm only jealous of them, don't worry!!
    That rhubarb jam sounds lush, mmmmmmmmmm
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  13. theres a great joke card going around of a man with a toy Porsche parked in his drive.
    The quote is "trouble with eBay, you can never quite see the perspective the photo was taken..."

    Thanks for your comment on my post.
    Have a lovely weekend