Wednesday, 27 March 2013


My the weeks are flying by, before you know it it will be Christmas. Certainly the weather for it!

Not a lot going on today as I'm working. I know, shocking, isn't it?

We have:

  • My jotter/lesson plan  (actually I bought it for my husband 3 years ago and he never used it so I 'borrowed' it)
  • Two letters for parents' evening
  • The course book for my Japanese student which is far too difficult for him which means the lessons are difficult for me but that's another story
  • A Japanese football magazine. Did you know they read from back to front? No, me neither
  • My son's black coffee my favourite way of kick starting his mornings don't know how his teachers feel about a caffeine fuelled teenager but, hey ho!
  • Said son's school bag
No crafting-boo
However, yesterday I made these thus breaking my Washi virginity

How did I live without it?

As I mentioned I have a Japanese student with me at the moment and I have to take the rough with the smooth, the Yin and the Yang even.
The rough is the slurping, just can't deal with it. Fishy noodle slurping at breakfast? No way Jose. I have to leave the room and then light scented candles when he finishes!

The smooth? 



Not all as beautiful as these. I didn't photograph the 57 packets of tissues, 89 sushi themed erasers and 247 assorted vile packets of unknown substances!

Have fun hopping around the blogs of the world this WOYWW. How? 
Click this
Me? I'm off to lie down in a darkened room far away from slurping, confused Japanese boys.



  1. Oh dear, I think fishy slurping in the morning would see me off as well!! Still some of the gifts are nice - gorgeous colours (but why so many packs of tissues?) I have some washi tape but haven't quite got into it yet - I like what you did with the tags though! Happy WOYWW Cindy #91

  2. LOL your post made me laugh. Fish noodle soup at any time of day ... slurped or not ... yeuch. :o( I have A LOT of washi tape and am very interested to see what you have done with it - lovely! Happy Wednesday! :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@29)

  3. I'd have to whack him sound the back of the head!!! Now trying slurping, Noodle Boy!!!!!

    Lovely oriental gifts though, but sushi themed erasers. They're not scratch n sniff by any chance......??

    I think you'd probably find far superior tutorials on t'Interweb than what I could share, being a newbie myself. I do cut accurately and I draw a pencil line along which to stitch and that seems to help with the lining up. That's probably completely the wrong thing to do but hey ho...!

    Yours, slurpily, LLJ 59 xxxx

    Ps are you coming to the crop? Bring your machine and we can play nicely!!

  4. I am howling with laughter! I did know about the back to front and left to right thingy but I can't help you on the multiples of items of unknown substances! Loving the washi tag - so was it good for you?

  5. Although my husband was soundly asleep and snoring loudly, I seem to have woken him with my laughter! Very pretty tag. I am still a washi virgin ;)

  6. Oh dear, that took me back to a Guide camp in Denmark when I shared a sub camp with three Taiwanese guys. Know what you mean about the slurping. After I had complained to Porter about his belching (the smell!) I found that was a sign of good manners. Yes, I know about the backwards book, the leader of the party of Taiwanese men wrote a book about their travels and it works back to front. Isn't it interesting to learn about cultures different from your own.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Neet xx

  7. I guess I'm the last remaining washi virgin and will probably die as one. I just learned a long time ago to stay off the trend train, I still have 90 lbs of ribbon to use up!
    Angie #109

  8. I have washi tape and never used it. Will try a tag I think to see how I go. Thank you.
    I would be in a darkened room too. I hate noisy eaters.
    Cannot deal at all.

  9. Sorry forgot to add I am late to come round this week