Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Feaster

My goodness me, I've eaten more these last few days than in the whole of the Christmas holidays!
It started on Thursday with a party at my brother-in-law's house for my mother-in-law's birthday. My husband's uncle is over from Australia so there have been a lot of family gatherings. I was given the task of making banoffee, so here it is:

Good Friday started with brunch at Carrat's Cafe which is on the beach at Shoreham Harbour. They are always busy and their breakfasts are legendary. I however, only had a bacon and mushroom sandwich! The children played on the beach whilst I caught up with my sister-in-law.
Saturday was another family gathering at my other brother-in-law's house for roast lamb and many more puddings! Unfortunately my husband spent two days in bed with man flu so he missed this meal, although I did bring him home a bone to chew on!
Easter Sunday was spent at my m-i-l's for the traditional (since when was this a British tradition?) egg hunt with my lovely baskets!
I hope you all had a lovely Easter, despite the dodgy weather.


  1. O my word.... that banoffee looks sooooo yummy, Delish!!! Hugs May x x x

  2. Goodness, you have had a wonderful time - your banoffee looks amazing. But the beachside brekkie sounds lush!! YUM xx