Monday, 2 April 2012

Lovely Weekend

I have just had the loveliest weekend in a while, which is surprising because I wasn't really looking forward to it! A few moths ago my mum asked me if I'd like to go away with her on a spa break, well I had to say yes, didn't I? Anyway, when she looked up the hotel on the net, it turned out that it was just an ordinary hotel without any spa facilities. I didn't feel I could say,'Oh, I don't want to go now' so I went.
Saturday arrived and, after cooking the boys breakfast baps, I went to collect my mum. The weather was a little chilly after the beautiful week we'd had so that wasn't helping my mood much. We were going to a place called Hawkhurst in Kent which is only about 50 miles away. Anyway, about lunchtime we stopped in a little village called Heathfield for a coffee. What I din't know was that there were a few antique shops so we ended up spending a couple of hours there happily mooching about and exclaiming over lots of bits and bobs. We had a lovely coffee in  a little cafe, it made a nice change from Costa or Nerd which have taken over the British high street. We also discovered a huge second hand book shop and I bought myself some porn. Well it's my type of porn, a book on preserves!
We carried on to our final destination and found it quite easily, well we found Hawkhurst quite easily, but we couldn't find the hotel! We actually drove past it about four times before I finally spotted it! We were starving by now so we had lunch and then we were shown to our room. It was quite nice and luckily it was a twin and I didn't have to sleep with my mum!
We then drove to Rye and spent another couple of hours in and out of the antique shops buying little bits and pieces. I bought a silver spoon for my husband  to use when he's fishing out his olives or pickled onions from the jars! I also bought a tiny chicken which is a actually a salt and pepper pot from the 1930s, my son is addicted to chickens so it will make a great little birthday present for him.
We drove back to the hotel and watched a bit of TV then went down to the restaurant for dinner. The meal was a little disappointing but the wine was good! Also the fact that it was all paid for by my brother! He'd got a deal on Groupon for my Mum's Christmas present.While I was eating my meal I recognised a man at another table, he used to work at Gatwick Airport when I was there. My mum said, say hello to him, but I couldn't remember his name!
I then spent a sleepless night in an extremely hot room. What is it with hotels and heat?
Breakfast was at 9, no choice! Once again the food was disappointing but, hey ho. I also spoke to the man from Gatwick airport, his name is Chris, he too was there on a Groupon deal, we had a little chat and found out that he lives in Worthing too and works in Waitrose!
We checked out, my mum paid for everything, she said it was her.
We drove to Tenterten as I wanted to see if it was how I remembered it from the eighties, it was but we didn't stop because nothing seemed to be open.
We drove on to Royal Tunbridge Wells where we spent a good few hours wandering around. It did surprise me however, how few shops and businesses were open. I guess Sundays are still special in some places.
On the way home it was still early so I decided to stop off in Lewes for a cream tea. Also there were a few more antiques shops to browse in! My mum took me to a place she knew, Bill's. OMG if you haven't been, you have to go. The scones were the best I've ever eaten, even better than my Nan's. The place was amazing, it's a shop and restaurant and it was full to bursting with all sorts of yummy mummies and trendy foodies, oh and me and my mum!
Finally got home about 5 to the delicious smell of roasting chicken. Although I thought I couldn't eat another thing, I managed to squeeze down some roast chicken and roast potatoes, well it would have been rude not to, wouldn't it?
I want to leave you with a photograph of me taken eight years ago today
Happy Anniversary Mr Morris

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  1. Yay Happy Anniversary!! What a fab piccy of you - you look beautiful!

    Glad you had a good weekend having some time with your mum. I had to LOL at your idea of porn, that applies to me too. Is this a sign of our age, d'ya think?? :)

    Don't know if Lisa Jane has contacted you yet, but will email you soon!
    Hugs, LLJ xx