Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It's Been a While

That's the trouble with school holidays, you get all behind. Well enough of my big bum, what have I been up to since my last post?
Tuesday my youngest son had a beach football tournament in Brighton. My husband got up early and took him there for 9am, I just did the bacon sarnies as I had to stay behind and wait for two teenage boys to awaken! He had a great time playing in the sand, it was a great venue and we might think of it for his birthday as something different to do.
On Wednesday we had a massive family trip to Portsmouth harbour. My husband, his brother, their uncle Fred and four boy cousins went on a harbour tour whilst his mum and auntie went up the Spinnaker Tower (shudder). I was left with my sister-in-law and my two beautiful nieces so what could we do? Only one thing to do really, go shopping! Gunwharf Quays is a great place to shop once or twice a year. I bought some supplies in L'Occitaine, got reupholstered in Wonderbra and bought a very Margo top in Gap. After all this I needed some refreshment and as the queue in Nerd was just too long and too slow I decided to try something different:
   We al regrouped about 5.30 and had to decide on somewhere to eat. Not an easy task when the age range was from 7 to 80! The youngsters decided on Nando's, I have only one thing to say on that decision; WTF
On Thursday I went to Surrey to meet my best friend and we went off to Guildford for a little wander. I didn't buy anything much apart from a £2.50 bookmark and some American snacks for my children but we had a lovely day despite the crazy weather. This picture is of my friend's front lawn:
Friday was a quiet day, my husband took the boys out as I had some work to do.
On Saturday I collected a student from Gatwick airport who is staying with us for a week. He is a young French boy who has stayed with us for the last four years. Usually there is a clash between him and my youngest son but so far so good this time. Maybe he's matured a little, who knows?
On Sunday I went to London with my eldest son and the student. We visited The Cabinet War Rooms, very interesting, no really! We then went to Regent Street so the boys could go to Hamley's. I think they have both finally realised that it really expensive and didn't buy anything, another first!
I didn't take my DSLR on this trip as I couldn't be bothered to carry it so I just took my point and press. After doing a couple of photography courses with Kirsty Wiseman, I have discovered that even my little P&P has adjustable settings! I had a bit of fun faffing about and I'll just leave you with a couple of shots.
Thanks for stopping by, oh and watch this space for a give away.

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  1. It sounds as though you have been busy Jaki, but having a fun time :) I love your photos especially the sunset, it looks beautiful. Hugs, Karen xx

  2. Lovely photos!

    Sorry, didn't get your message with your physical address though. Try again with needlewings (at) mac (dot) com.

  3. Pretty polyanthus and tulips and spectacular sunset. Are you doing April photo a day? Come to lunch soom eh ? I will email you and Samyo some dates.

  4. I love L'Occitane products!! Especially the Shea butter hand cream, which sorts out my gardener's hands (I am the despair of Julia, cos I never wear gloves!!). Glad you had a nice shop at Gunwharf!
    Lovely photos of the sunset as well - and the hail, wow, we had loads like that as well. It's been barmey weather.
    Oh, and please could you email me again? I stupidly erased your last one...age, it's a bad thing... *sigh*
    Hugs, LLJ #7 xx

  5. I know exactly what you mean about the school holidays. I never know which day it is! Not only did I manage to totally miss woyww last week I nearly did it again yesterday. Sounds like you had a fun filled break.

  6. Fab sunset pic Jaki, oooh Krispy Kreme, I love the custard filled choc covered - delish. Sounds like you've been tres busy xx

  7. Nandos????!!!! There are SO many other options that cross the age spectrum so much better. We shall have to right that wrong next time you come shopping ;-)