Sunday, 8 January 2012

Craft Buying Frenzy

It's amazing how much time you can waste sitting on a sofa watching craft shows! Here we are and it's Sunday again and I have days of stuff to blog about.
Let's start with Wednesday:
I'd posted on the QVC craft Facebook page   that I didn't get all the excitement over Tim Holtz but was willing to be convinced as I know he will be on QVC in February. Well a lovely lady called Paula Whittaker  showed me some examples of cards she'd made using TH stamps but they were 'clean and simple'. Using her ideas as a guide I made these:
I rather like them and will make some more. I also made another six cards using one 12x12 patterned paper by SEI, one 12x12 Swiss dot Bazzill Basics card stock and a few bits and bobs. This is why scrap booking will never replace card making for me!

On Thursday it was time to remove the tree :-(   I love my tree and don't like taking it down so I decided to take one last picture of it.

It does give you an opportunity to tidy up though doesn't it?
I spent the afternoon watching Amy Shaw on QVC and I do believe I purchased something, after encouragement from Kirsty Wiseman, I have to have someone to blame, don't I?
After sitting doing nothing for 2 hours I had to do a massive tidy up as I have an evening class on Thursdays; it's the only day my kitchen diner looks fab!
Friday comes around and it's Kirsty's time to host the 2 hours of craft, I knew it was going to be fun as we'd challenged her to slip a random word into the show. This was after Marion Emberson had said 'git' live on air! She'd meant to say 'clip' so it could have been much worse. Kirsty's word was 'suet pudding' and like a true star she slipped it in effortlessly, so to speak. The challenge now is to come up with another word for the next craft show!
A bit of bad news on Friday was that I had to take our elderly Guinea pig to the vet to have him put to sleep. RIP Scooby.
Saturday comes along as it usually does after Friday and after the breakfast making, the laundry sorting, the clothes shopping with a 13yr old boy, the lunch making and the general tidying I finally opened a couple of parcels which had been delivered. I made a card for my son's friend whose 14th birthday is today; Happy Birthday Maizie

It is an 8x8 card blank, which is a card size I've never used and didn't realised I'd ordered! It was from Craftwork Cards who had a sale starting 28th December and in a post Christmas frenzy I ordered some more stuff.
On Saturday afternoon I went to my Aunty's house for a belated New Year celebration and got rather tiddly on fizz came home and watched Bridget Jones. A lovely end to a lovely week.
I've decided to be more organised next week and have Monday as a card making day,Wednesday as a sewing day and Thursday as a baking day. We'll see, won't we?
Thanks for stopping by and, if you aren't a member already, I'd urge you to join in the fun on the QVC craft FB page, it's a hoot


  1. Fabby CAS cards Jak. I like TH style, but I don't like the price tag that goes with it. Looking forward to lunch and a good old cackle no doubt!

  2. LOVE that turquoise paper - I recognise that card! You do make me laugh with your innuendos - slip it in nicely indeed... ;-)