Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

Well here we are in twenty twelve, who can believe it's been 12 years since the massive millennium celebrations? I must admit to drinking rather more this new year than that one! I was about six weeks pregnant on 31st  December 1999 and I also had to be at work at 7am on 1st Jan 2000 so I had my reasons.
This New Year's Eve was great as we went to a friend's house for curry,champagne,cake and silly games. Well we had plenty of some and none of the other. Ooo that sounds rude, what I mean is we didn't eat the cake and my friend managed to pass it off as her own at a New Year's Day lunch party. The cheek of some people.

New Year's Curry
The best part of the evening was discovering that I can still bend quite low when I'm well lubricated! We played a game where you put a cereal box on the floor and have to bend down and pick it up with your teeth. You gradually tear off inch strips of the box until there is virtually nothing left. Myself and Sarah did quite well but her children were amazing. Oh for the days of being able to do the splits and still walk afterwards.
My Bendy Boy

She went lower than this!
We saw in the new year with Bailey's and the fireworks and continued playing until about two, even then my 11 year old declared it was too early to leave.
I haven't had so much fun on NYE for years, so thank you Sarah for inviting us.
I was awoken on New Year's Day at 9.40 by my Mum phoning to say dinner would be at 5 and could I bring chairs? I think she is used to me being sober and her being hungover on NYD, still 9.40 is too early even on a normal Sunday. The next awakening was rather more pleasant, it was my son saying 'You do know it's nearly 12 and would you like breakfast in bed?'
I thought I was still asleep and dreaming!
We eventually dragged ourselves to my mum's for a lovely dinner with her, my uncle, my brother, his partner and their children. Eleven of us in total in a small flat, it was great fun and I got rather drunk, my husband was not impressed. Makes a change I reckon.
Monday and the boys finally went fishing and I said I'd tidy up. Well I tried, at least my ribbons and sewing box are tidy now.
Well, they're back at school now and I've just finished teaching my class so it's back to normal and Christmas 2011 draws to a close.
I hope you enjoyed your holidays no matter how long they were or what you got up to. I must say, for me and mine, this was one of the best we can remember.
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  1. Glad to hear you had a 'merry' New Year.
    Isn't your ribbon box tidy? Wanna come and do mine?

  2. You look as if an amazing time was had by all on New Year's Eve!! Lol. I don't think I could cope with the hangovers these days - was always a cheap date!!!
    Clarke and Clarke do amazing fabrics, I think - I get them from a shop in Salisbury. They're great for sturdier things like tote bags and stuff. They're also MUCH cheaper than Cath Kidston!!!
    As for knitting, well, never day never :) I was like that about sewing until a couple of years ago and I've never looked back!!
    Happy New Year!
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx