Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOYWW #138

It's that time again when we get to be nosey, how my Nan would have loved this! She used to sit in her chair by the window and watch the goings on of Barnet Way. Years later when she was in a nursing home I moved into her flat with my partner and we lived very happily there for several years. It was lovely having my boys in my Nan's flat, walking the same streets I used to walk to school. I love the connections to the past we can have through objects. What's this got to do with WOYWW? Well, I'll show you:
Today I will be making bunting using my Nan's sewing machine. My Mum gave it to me just over a year ago along with her sewing box(more of an ice cream tub to be honest) I love that when I am sewing I am using something that my lovely Nan used. One thing to get straight though, the sewing machine was Nanny Battes' and the flat was Nanny Shaw's! Nanny Shaw used to knit, not something I ever got into, I tried once but I wasn't very good.
My friend Siriorn is coming later on to do some sewing with me. She is amazing! She has made loads of bags using the washable vinyl with funky patterns on. They are in the style of Cath Kidston, she saw them in the shop and took one look at the price tag and thought, 'I could make those', so she did! Hopefully if we have enough stuff by 19th February I will be doing a craft sale, if not it'll be in March.
Another thing I have to do today is make a first birthday card for my great-nephew, Corbin. He is American so I wanted a British theme, unfortunately the stamps I've ordered from America (ironic the fabby British style stamps are American) haven't arrived yet so my plans have changed to an animal theme. A few years ago I bought some CDs from Kirsty Wiseman and to be honest I haven't really used them that much as I much prefer creating something myself. However, they are useful when you are stuck! It also led to me forming a friendship with Kirsty, so all is not lost. She has just launched a new digi stamp range called Ingalilly which are quite sweet.

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  This card was designed and made by Kirsty, not me!! Just so as you know, she has signed it in the corner!
Check out her blog or website for more inspiration.
Well this won't get anything done will it? Enjoy your table hopping, I'm going to try and 'visit' at least ten today!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lovely memories of your Nan, Jaki, and how we all love bunting! That will be fun to make.

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    Then click the orange "save" button, and "View Blog" which will take you back to your blog proper. Scroll down and you should see your button. Because it now has a hyperlink associated with it, when you click on it, it should take you straight to Julia's blog.

    I hope this works!

    Have a great WOYWW and a great week.


  2. hahaha that sucks that its night time when Andy plays, it sucks for us when Wimbledon is on so we're square lol. So I keep seeing buntings on blogs, what are they and what are they for?
    Bridget #32

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog:) I love the name of your blog. I see everyone making bunting but I haven't made any yet. I'm saving up my scrappy bits and then I'll make one for my craft room.

  4. Lovely post and memories of your Nan, I hope you enjoy your sewing :)

    A really gorgeous card, such pretty colurs and great colouring, its beautiful :)

    Have a great WOYWW, Luv Karen xx

  5. Lovely soft colours in your card, great memories of your nan,happy woyww hugs trace x no16

  6. Hope you enjoy making that bunting. Thanks for sharing. Zo xx 83

  7. Lovely memories from your nan, enjoy your sewing, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  8. Jaki, thanks for popping by, and don't you just love that you can use things from the past. I have my grndmas button box, in fact I have my step grandmas' too! ... My sister got the sewing box.. grr lol
    Have a great woywwing day
    Jennie #109 was no 10 but the link was wrong.. doh!

  9. Thanks for sharing your project and your memories with us. I had a laugh at the all the good British stuff is American. British stuff seems to be hot news right now.

  10. You've got your Nan's soup bowls too and I've got plates from mine plus some of her jewellery. Any more orders for bunting yet?

  11. Lovely memories of your Nans, both of them. Hope you get the craft bags and bunting made in time for your craft fair. I'm not into digis too much myself, but that's mainly because I like to water colour images, I don't mind digi papers though.

    Brenda 99

  12. Hope you have a great week, Lou #82

  13. I've got some of the Portobello Road stamps if you want to borrow them? I didn't realise he was nearly 1 already! Pretty fabrics... drool....

  14. Love that you use you Nan's sewing machine. The card you shared is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Lovely memories of your Nans and how wonderful to have the sewing machine. I would have dearly loved my Gran's sewing machine, but my Aunty was adamant that Gran had wanted her to have it, even though she can't sew! Ah well.
    Fiona x

  16. Thank you for sharing the wonderful memories of your Nans. It is so lovely that you have her sewing machine. I love your card, it is beautiful. I am seeing so many of these pro markers around, I think they will be on my birthday list! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)

    Happy WOYWW (on Thursday!)

  17. Nice memories Jaki, I have Grandmas sewing machine too, although I have retired it, am too scared that it'll be broken beyond help! Happy buntin making!