Monday, 16 January 2012

Red Monday

The experts say that today is the worst Monday of the year, well forgive me but I'm sure someone said that last Monday too!
Don't know about you but I'm feeling great this January, I feel really positive about things and lots of little nice things keep happening to me and I'm trying to spread that happiness by joining in on swapping, giving things away or joining in with 'pay it forward, type of activities.
Last week was all about massive tidying up activities so hopefully this week will be more about making things, including mess!
Thursday continued with the preparation for the arrival of our Swiss visitors although I did manage a few quick cards before my evening class and the Swiss invasion:
I borrowed the size and style of these cards from the uber talented Ms Wiseman it involves making your own card blanks but it's a bit different.
Our friends brought gifts of wine and chocolate so it was a good end to the day.
On Friday they decided to go to Brighton for the day and I tackled some more tidying but this time it was my Christmas craft box. After tidying it I thought 'Hey, actually I can buy more in September!' as it looks rather sad and empty. Now I'm just waiting for Tuesday and QVC as I have been reliably informed that there will be some storage boxes on there.

On Friday evening we had a lovely curry paid for by the coins we put in a pot over the year so it tasted even better!
Martin and Jessica left for London on Saturday morning and my husband and son went off to football training so the house was empty again but I still didn't have time to make anything as I needed to go into Worthing to but something for a cake I've been asked to make. On my way to the cake shop I popped into a fabulous charity shop and bought a knitted bag for £1.50, it's in need of a little TLC but once fixed it'll be brill. I also bought some old music books as I know I can used them on cards and projects over the coming months. Somehow it doesn't hurt me so much to rip up Mozart scores as it did contemplating tearing pages out of a paperback to make the paper tree at Christmas.
Saturday afternoon and evening was spent at my mother-in-law's for dinner, this was a real treat as we hadn't seen her for a month as she'd been in Australia. I'd really missed her over Christmas, especially her cooking!
Joy of joys when we came home, Bridget Jones part two was on so I settled down to watch it for the 100th time and everyone else went to bed.
Sunday was a lovely chilled day, I went to Brighton with my eldest son and his friend while my husband took the youngest to his football match.
The afternoon was spent as all Sundays should be spent, in the kitchen with the radio on 'sounds of the seventies', the windows steamed up from boiling veg and a frosty glass of white.
Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for this most depressing of days! Not in my house it isn't

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