Monday, 20 February 2012

I know it's not Wednesday!

Here I am trying to break the habit of only posting on Wedensdays!
As a lot of you will know last week was half term so not only did I have my two boys in the house I also had a 13 year old French boy staying too. I was exhausted after cooking breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a week! Boy they went through a lot of grub!
Thibaut went back on Saturday and I was finally able to do a few more bits for my craft fair on Saturday, I made some simple sewn note books and some quick tags. In the evening we treated ourselves to a curry and it was lovely.

Sunday morning broke bright and early and I packed up my wares and drove to a little town called Hassocks. I went to a girls' grammar school and a lot of the girls lived in Hassocks and the surrounding villages and used to come to school by train. For some reason most of my friends came from Hassocks and so I spent a lot of time there so it was nice to return, didn't see anyone I knew though!
My Bunting
                                                             Note Books and Tags
The fair was a bit of a let down and I only sold £6.50 worth of stock and I had to pay £6.00 for the table, luckily I was selling some bags for my friend and she'd givven me half the table cost.
It wasn't all bad though as I made two new contacts, one lady says she'll be able to sell the bags at her regular weekly market and she also offered me work sewing bunting for her! She was impressed with my neat stitching, can you hear that Miss Rundle? She was my Home Economics teacher and boy did I struggle with my tabbard!
The other contact was a lady from Ringmer who is interested in sharing the cost of a table with me at some more craft fairs in the summer. One is at a local village called Findon and they have an annual sheep fair, which I've never been to, so that should be fun. The other is a summer fair in Steyning, hopefully these will be more profitable.
I returned home to the lovely smell of my husband cooking dinner but the added bonus was he made a spare for the freezer, he was then given time off for good behaviour and went to the pub to watch the football. Well at least if you're going to lose a match it's great that you can set a record. I'll leave you to work out which match I'm referring to.
Whilst the boys were out with their friend I made this cake for my aunt to take to work. It's the first time I've made a square sponge cake but she needed a cake to feed fifteen people.
A night in front of the telly followed the delicious shepherd's pie.
This week will bring a craft day on QVC, my dad coming for tea and a Stamppin' Up demonstrator coming to show me her wares. Shall we place bets on how much I'll spend?
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  1. I'm sorry things didn't go as well as you had wanted at the craft fair, but at least you have some new contacts out of it! Isn't it so nice when someone else cooks dinner (or in my boyfriend's case, calls out for dinner!)

    I love your bunting and tags, and that cake looks delicious!

  2. You're not the only one to feel a bit fed up after a craft-stall event. I haven't done one for ages. But at least you made a couple of contacts. I really must get a stack of cards etc made with a view to trying to sell some again, found work a good place, particularly around Valentine's Day and Mothering Sunday.
    Been speaking to a friend who's made over 150 metres of bunting for her son's wedding. Best wishes.

  3. Sorry to hear that your craft fair was not very profitable,better luck next time, was it at Adastra Hall? (My mate lives in Hassocks)
    I love SU stamps, shame they are so pricey tho. Lovely cake.

  4. Hi Jaki , I've also had similar experiences with the craft fairs, hit and miss!!
    I have just signed up as Stampin' Up! and am like a pig in muck. How's the photography going too hun??
    Belinda x

  5. Sorry to hear the fair did not work for you. Better luck next time. Your stuff is so cute.

  6. Hi Jaki

    You are a woman of many talents.... shame to hear that you did sell much on your craft stall - which looked so pretty and I love that bunting... and your note books and tags are gorgeous too. I've done a couple of fairs where I didn't sell too well but then picked up other orders..... Wishing you luck for the ones in the Summer.

    Catch up soon.


  7. I'm licking the screen! I am so desperate for cake and chocolate right now. Sorry the fair was a bit of a let down but its never a total loss because you always learn something for the future.