Friday, 24 February 2012

February's Full of Firsts

I collected my bracelet and oranges yesterday but had to leave my car there as it was very unwell! This was a first for me, I have never had car problems. The engine was overheating and making terrible noises and I was too worried to drive it home so my ever lovely m-i-l drove me back home.
My bracelet is just perfect but what is more perfect is that my initial is the highest point value and, as my husband pointed out, their initials add up to mine. I said that this was because they are nothing without me!
In the afternoon I started the marmalade making process, little did I know that it would take from 2.30 Thursday til 11am Friday to complete. I'll share some of the stages with you, for those interested I got the recipe from this wonderful site which I use all the time for my jam making, The Cottage Smallholder
Peel after it has been boiled for three hours and left overnight in the pan

The fruit pulp and pips dripping their loveliness I still have wrinkly fingers from squeezing this bag!

 The 4 pints of liquid on the boil waiting for 4 lbs of sugar(!)
Finally! 2 of the 10 jars I made

I make lots of different sizes so that I can give them away to my Dad, my Mum and my Mother in law. I was also asked if I would save some jars to sell at a fete in May organised by an old school friend. She is in charge of fund raising for St Dunstan's in Brighton. I have asked her about having a stall, so watch this space. As I'm typing this entry I can hear my favourite part of the jam making process occurring; the lids popping as an airtight seal is formed.
The next 'first' is that I am going to enter a card into a challenge! My new friend Lisa-Jane Johnson suggested I enter it into SJ Crafts monthly challenge, so here it is
The theme is 'Flowers and red or pink'

Also a lot of people wanted to know what I am getting from Stampin' Up, well I haven't filled in the order form but I think I am getting a postage stamp punch with co-ordinating stamps, a young Cardinal bird stamp and First Edition paper pack. The free gift I qualify for will be a stamp set which co-ordinates with the postage stamp punch (clever aren't I?) I will also get some ribbon but I really can't decide on which to get as I want them all. I'll leave this overly long post with two photos from the SU morning. One is a gift she bought me and the other is the card I made with her. Hope you're still awake!



  1. That jam looks delicious, although I am sorry about your car. That is so upsetting when that happens.

  2. Lovely card very elegant looking love that ribbon thanks for joining us this month at S J Crafts Challenge.
    Jenny x

  3. Bums to the car, hurrah to the bracelet and the marmalade! I have a little something for you over on my blog. Hope you had fun joining the challenge over at SJ Crafts. xx

  4. Hi, your card is gorgeous, lovely colours together!! Thanks for joining in with our challenge! Sarah x

  5. Sorry Jacko, have got a bit behind with your blog, new job and all that. About time you entered a challenge, well done and hope it's the first of many. Very impressed with your cakes, yorkshires and marmalade. (Auntie Bessie will be green with envy.) Lovely bracelet, is that by Samya's neighbour??? (I think her name is Sue)
    Don't forget to invite me if you have an SU party.
    Sorry to hear about your car but you did remind me to book mine in for an MOT next week, so thanks.
    ttfn xxxxxxxx

  6. Sweet card, good luck with the challenge x

  7. OMG! It worked this time, don't know where I've been going wrong before.

  8. I love your card, it's really pretty. Thanks for joining in at SJ crafts! x