Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mucho Excitemento

I know, another post! What am I like?
I am so excited today because I finally get to collect my Christmas present from my mother-in-law. She gave my husband and I ,I sound like HRH, a cheque for Christmas and said that it had to be spent on ourselves, not the bills. It wasn't a life changing amount of money but it was more money than I'd ever been given as a gift, apart from my 18th or wedding, so I wanted to take my time deciding what to buy. The initial thoughts of 'Ooo, bags,shoes,clothes,craft stuff,spa,weekend away', were soon replaced with the thought that I wanted to buy something that I would have for a long time and that would always make me think of her. A bit like my 18th, my sister was given £250 in 1977 and bought herself a car for her 18th, not long afterwards she wrapped it around a lamp post and had no car and a bill from the council to replace the lamp post! When I got my £250 three years later I decided to spend it more wisely, also I didn't learn to drive until I was 25 so I didn't need a car! I bought a gold bracelet from an antique dealer in the Lanes in Brighton, and yes, I still have it today!
To get back to 2012 this is what I decided to get
It has four little scrabble tiles in it with our initials; J, P, G, and M plus the points value! It was made by a very talented lady who has managed to turn her hobby into a flourishing business; see what she has to offer on her site ,her name is Su.
Another little bit of excitement is I'm off to Seville to collect my oranges! No, actually that should read I'm off to collect my Seville oranges! My aforementioned m-i-l got me some at the market and I'm going to convert them into marmalade, shredless no less.
Yesterday I posted my WOYWW and people usually remark on how tidy it is so I thought I'd post one of it after I'd made a few cards!
I also like to tease my niece in America with pictures of Yorkshire puddings as she only gets them when I visit America or she comes here. My sister, her mum, never made them for her children she turned into an all American Mom when she moved!
And yes, they are mine I have never used packet mixes of pre made Yorkies and never will!
Tomorrow I'll be posting all about my Stampin Up experience as so many of you wanted to know what I bought!
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  1. That is a beautiful necklace! I agree, it is much nicer to buy something that you can treasure and that will remind you of the person...and jewelry is always a great way to do that!

  2. How thoughtful of you - to choose something that will last forever! How sweet to choose your initials too.

    Oh my, the pudding looks yummy!

    Now, on to read your WOYWW post!

  3. Jaki,

    You asked if those were paint daubers on my desk - they are not. They are bottles of acrylic paints I use for my She Art canvases. I've never used daubers (except when playing bingo). I imagine they would work pretty well...?

    That pudding thing is STILL looking yummy!