Wednesday, 7 March 2012

WOYWW I'm Back!

After missing last week's I was determined my desk would be crafty this week so here goes:
This one is a long shot showing my breakfast! I really should have porridge as it's healthier than toast and peanut butter but my kitchen was such a mess that I decided toast created less washing up! Also decided on peanut butter today as I've become addicted to my lovely marmalade and have neglected my best friend PB.

This shot shows what I'm going to do today. Yesterday afternoon I made a quick card on the front room floor! I'd been watching a craft hour and got inspired. The papers are by SEI, not my usual paper of choice, but I brought them from somebody on FB and it is nice to get out of your paper rut. At the back there is a cake box and on top three mini jars of marmalade. These are for my Dad, it's his birthday on Sunday and he was supposed to be visiting yesterday. I was here, the cake was here, the card was here,the present was here, where was he? At home, he forgot to tell me he couldn't make it! I'm dropping it up to him this afternoon. The cake is missing a few slices but I'm sure he won't notice!
Yesterday's photo a day was 5pm, this is the time I come into the kitchen, switch on Simon Mayo and start the dinner. It's also the time my American relatives are up and playing Words With Friends, my latest addiction.
There are some really random words allowed on this game and it's rather frustrating but if you can't beat 'em join 'em.
I'm going to leave the cards until tomorrow as I've just read a great tip about photographing cards on Kirsty Wiseman's blog, so I'll give that a go and you can see the results tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to join in the WOYWW fun at Julia's
Oh, if anyone's still reading, I've been given three Liebster Awards and don't know how to post the badge in my sidebar so if anyone can give me straightforward instructions, I'd be eternally grateful!



  1. Missed you last week! I do love a bit of PB & J, but I'm a porridge and honey kind of girl when it comes to breakfast. Yes, we have Costco here. A friend got those papers for me ages ago. 300 sheets for about £20. Bargain!

  2. Nice to see you back this week Jaki. I have to confess I do love my bowl of porridge especially when the weather is cold! I love your creative desk, lots of lovely stash on it to play with :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  3. thanks for sharing your desk. words with friends? I just can't get addicted to one more thing LOL

  4. Well another PB fan i just love it my friend gets it for me off the american base up the road!Thats just ohhh mouth watering at the thought .So much better than uk stuff.Happy crafting and hope your dad likes his cake!
    Have fab wednesday and creative week hugs judex 9

  5. I'm a toast girl too and too true - less washing up is a fine incentive...hope you enjoy the new papers and word play. Thanks for calling by and for the lovely words too! Thanks for sharing with WOYWW...Sarah at 1

  6. welcome back!! Haven't played scrabble for ages! Have fun! Happy WOYWW

  7. Welcome back!! Love a wee slice of toast & marmalade!! Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  8. love those dinky little jars of marmalade! Happy birthday to your Dad, hope he enjoys his cake! that game looks fun but I bet it is hard for you having to alter your spellings, it took me forever to get used to the alternative US spellings! Think I just about have it cracked now!
    The photographing cards tip from Kirsty was amazing,must do that too!
    happy WOYWW, Debxx #14

  9. Happy birthday to your dad! Toast and peanut butter is my favorite breakfast!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Katie #133

  10. Yummy toast ... lovely papers!! Sarah #143

  11. I love SEI papers they are so versatile.
    Bridget #57

  12. Peanut butter is a fave of mine.

  13. Hi there. Yep, another pb fan here too. Have you ever tried peanut butter and banana sandwich? It's yummy!!!

    Looks like you have lots of fun projects ahead. I bet your dad loved his cake despite it being "taste tested."

    I see noone has answered about the Liebster Award question. I right click on the image, copy and paste it into a word document. Then save it as a pdf document. Using the pdf document, crop it so that only the badge is showing. Save it as a jpeg file. On blogger you choose the gadget "picture" and you can put in a header and footer and then "browse" your computer for the jpeg file. I hope this makes sense. There may be a better way but I don't know what it is!!

    Thanks for visiting me earlier today.

  14. Fab pics today; yummy breakfast too. Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, it's now Thursday afternoon & I'm still doing the snooping bit, all but in shifts! Zo xx 60

  15. Seems I am too late for breakfast. LOL But enjoyed checking out your table. It also looks like you figured out the posting too of your award.

    pop on over to my give away too.

  16. Some interesting things on your desk. Pretty doilies, pretty piece of pp paper, great breakie...

    Thanks for the peek at your creative world.

  17. Sorry its taken me ages to get back to you but this commission is taking every spare minute! You've got me craving peanut butter again, darn you!

  18. Congratulations on the award Jaki!