Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WOYWW and A Week in the Life of a Dining Room Table

Wednesday again and time to post pictures of our desks and have a nose at everyone else's! Now, last week my 'craft' table caused a bit of discussion as my slow cooker was perched on the edge, so this week I've decided to post pictures entitled; 'A Week in the Life of a Dining Room Table'. We'll start with WOYWW and work backwards!
This is how it looks this morning, waiting for me to finish glittering and painting polystyrene eggs. You can see some naked eggs in the bag, three tester pots of pastel emulsion, PVA, a box of pins, a basket of finished eggs, which look good enough to eat, some WIP and finally, the most amazing glitters from Martha Stewart. They are truly beautiful, 24 different colours it is impossible to pick a favourite!
Tuesday evening, showing the lovely glittery table, not appreciated by my 11 year old when he got glitter in his dinner!
Monday evening, trying to decide what to cook for the school cake sale. These are the lovely books my children bought me for Mother's Day. Well actually, these are the books my husband bought with the money I gave him for my Mother's Day present! Whatever, it doesn't matter as they are lovely.
Mothering Sunday, waiting for my mum and mother-in-law plus brother-in-law and nephew. We had a lovely afternoon with pizza and Chinese takeaway plus a couple of bottles of something fizzy. Plus cake and syrup sponge pudding. Yummy

Saturday, making cushions for Mother's Day presents. I left the messy carpet in the dining room so that my boys would have to do it on MD!! Cunning.
Friday. A one to one English lesson, quite dull for a Friday.
Thursday. In the corner where the slow cooker was yesterday you will now find an English course book. Thursday night is FCE class night. A group lesson which is always fun!
So there you go, a week in the life of a table.
Today I have vowed to be a good housewife as I had to jump out of bed at 07.02 this morning as number 2 son didn't have a school shirt. Thank heaven for quickwash cycle.
Don't forget to have a nosey and I'll try to visit at least 15 desks today. Once I've done the hoovering!


  1. This is a great idea and I might pinch it for next week! I'm twitching at the thought of loose glitter... and in the kitchen.....

  2. Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. I love to look at glitter but hate working with it. I depend on artist as yourself to share glitter creations thanks Have a great day!

  3. I love that it little owls? So cute. And you can never have too much glitter x
    Sophie no.88

  4. When I was a TA, you always knew when it was Christmas by the amount of glitter you found in your bra!! Even if you hadn't been using it that day - it just gets everywhere :)
    The owls whatsit is a fantastic zip up laundry bag that I cart everything to my craft fairs in. It's amazing how much stuff you can get in one of those and I have two!!
    I saw your message to Lisa Jane - count me in on a meet-up (if that's not too presumptuous of me) I might even drag La Dunnit along too. What's West Quay like?? Or is that too far for you? On the other hand, you might run kicking and screaming from the thought of a meeting, so let me know either way!!
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  5. Gosh... Those eggs look fab!! and yummy fabric you are a busy girl, Have a fun week, Hugs May x x x x No9

  6. The money you gave him to buy your Mothers Day present! What a great idea. I like the look of those eggs, they look real. Regards, Anne #66

  7. tell your son a little bit of glitter is good for him :)
    fabby eggs

  8. Love it Jaki - if our tables could talk eh? I hope you're a scrapper and will be documenting this! The eggs are great, and you're right about the glitters -worth having just to gaze at the collection!

  9. I love your pics, I can see a whole new trend starting! Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, It's Thursday and I'm still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

  10. What a fun post--oh, yes, glitter, that drives my son crazy! It gets all over everything, including him!


  11. I'm still making my way 'round ... I enjoyed your day-by-day tour "in the life of" style for this post. You are quite the multi-tasker! I giggled at the "glitter in his dinner." I would think that would be quite fun for him, not many kids can say that!

  12. I'll start again. Desp want to glitter up some eggs. Yours look gorgeous x

  13. What an interesting life your table has! Love the look of the eggs, look forward to seeing the finished project xx