Thursday, 1 March 2012


Last month I noticed, too late, a photo challenge, so when I saw one was coming up in March I was determined to enter
Today's heading is 'Up' well I am and here is what I was looking at when I realised it was 1st March and I should take a picture of up!
It's the view I have from my table where I spend most of the day!
It's been a bit of a slow week as I've had my son off school since Tuesday. Also my car is officially dead so I've been housebound. I was supposed to be going to Arundel today to meet my Godmother, but I've had to cancel that :-(

Yesterday was WOYWW and for the first time in ages I didn't enter as I only had piles of paperwork and English books on my table and didn't think anyone would want to look at that. However, today I am determined to make something! I did a swap a while ago with a lady who sent me some wooden hearts and I'm thinking of making bunting out of them. I also need to make a card for my Dad's birthday and of course it's Mother's day soon so I have two cards to make for that. I have made an ATC for this month's swap but can't show it until I've sent it out!

If you want to join in the #MARCHPHOTOADAY you can find the list here and if you want to check out some interesting desks you need to go to the Stamping Ground blog
As for me? I'm off to wash up and get messy!


  1. What a lovely tree! Definitely a great candidate for "up".

  2. Hey Jacko, yes I will play again this month but working long hours so think it will have to be on days off only. Look forward to seeing yours.