Tuesday, 8 May 2012

So Tired

I'm writing this trying to fight the urge to go back to bed! I had a really bad night's sleep last night and feel so tired. Going back to bed is not something I usually do but on Thursday I did and, oh my, it was lovely! Afterwards I went into town with my husband for a coffee and a little shopping, only boring things like school shirts as we don't have the money for random shopping.
On Friday I went to The Eternal Maker in Chichester for a cushion making workshop. After fighting with my machine, bias binding, piping and zips, I came away with this

Now, I've made cushions before but never with piping, especially piping with handmade bias binding! I do love it and this one is not for sale! However, I have an order for one to go to California and possibly another is going to South Shields to an ex-Londoner.
Saturday was spent mainly in my sons' bedroom sorting out a space for his Lego Star Wars collection. We ended up with a lovely space, a tidied room, 3 bags for the tip, two bags for the charity shop and one bag of things to sell. My husband cooked dinner, a rare treat, he cooks a mean chicken and noodles hot enough to clear my sinuses and headaches!
On Sunday my mother in law came for dinner and we had an amazing leg of lamb, delicious.
Monday was wet as only a Bank Holiday can be so I made these red velvet cup cakes with two tone icing! I've made them before but this was a different recipe and I can highly recommend it

And finally, today is my Mum's birthday and this is her card, I forgot to take pictures of the others I made!
The inspiration for it was stolen from the wonderful Kirsty Wiseman, you really should follow her blog.
Don't forget to leave a comment on my previous post to be in with a chance of winning a cushion.
Take carexx


  1. Your cushion is ace Jacko, I love the fabric. The cakes look bloody good too but when did you get sun in Worthing ? We've had none here for weeeks!

  2. Your cushion looks amazing, I love the patterned fabric. The card and cup cakes look fab too :) I hope your Mum enjoyed her special day and I hope you manage to catch up with your sleep tonight [[hugs]].

    Karen xx

  3. I want those cushions! That fabric is just lush! BUT... I want to know about sorting Star Wars Lego... how did you do it???