Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday, that's all!

I thought I should do a post today so that when WOYWW comes around I can keep it short, just as Julia requests!
Thank you all for your birthday wishes for George, he had a lovely day. After his parents evening we went out for a Chinese meal with my Mum, which was great especially as she paid! George got lots of lovely presents and money, it never ceases to amaze me how generous my family and friends are.
On Thursday I was supposed to be going to Arundel to meet my Godmother for a mooch around the antiques shops and have a little lunch. Unfortunately, George woke up with a migraine so I had to cancel my day. He was also off on Friday so I took the opportunity to make some thank you cards.

On Saturday I took George and his friend to Westfield shopping centre in London to help him spend his birthday money. What a place that is. Have you ever been? It is full of rich people, expensive shops and spoilt brats throwing tantrums. We trawled through all the men's shops and weren't really getting anywhere with George, he's not really into modern clothes and whatever I suggests he just says no I don't like it or it won't suit him. After a few hours we had to go to Boots to get plasters for his blisters! After a very long and frustrating time trying to get his boots back on we had the most amazing breakthrough. George said that he hates going to school on mufti day because his clothes aren't fashionable and come from cheap shops. He said he wasn't popular because of what he wears. We had a long chat and I told him that clothes don't make a person popular and that non-uniform days are actually just another uniform day and that if he wanted to conform, then he just needed to buy one t-shirt and a pair of shoes and wear that every mufti day.
When we left he said, 'Actually Mum, can we pop back to Top Man I think I want to get something' It was amazing, he bought a shirt, a sweatshirt and some socks and he also saw some trousers but they didn't have his size. I asked him what made him change his mind about the clothes and he said, 'I guess I just needed a slap round the face!' I love my son!

We returned to Victoria and went to Pizza Express for a lovely meal, paid for with Tesco Clubcard Vouchers!

Sunday was just spent doing nothing as the weather was so awful.
Sorry about the wordy post but my laptop won't recognise my photo memory card for some reason. I'll try to rectify it tomorrow!
Take care


  1. Antiquing in Arundel would have been tres expensive, just as well you never got there, more money for crafting. Never been to Westfield and from your description think I will be giving it a miss! Don't suppose there are any chazza shops there !!

  2. To conform or not, its a very tricky area. Why should they need to, but oh how we all do. I'm glad it wasn't a wasted trip after all.