Thursday, 28 June 2012

Another Reason For Loving My Job

Another week another student another amazing operatunity.
This is just going to be quick! Today I'm taking Marc to Arundel Castle we'll do a quiz and I'll set a sort of treasure hunt for him to do. If the weather is good, we'll take a trip on the river. All in a day's work for an English language teacher.
And tomorrow?

My student's Godfather is connected to Glyndebourne and we're going to see Rossini's La Cenerentola (Cinderella)as he has got us two tickets. So tomorrow will be taken up with preparing a suitable picnic and discussing the themes of Cinerella and it's relevence to modern society. Well, that's what the lesson plan will say.

Cheerio, I'm off to polish my opera glasses and shine my glass slippers, now where did I put my carriage?



  1. But my dear, you shall go to the!! I'm jealous, have the best time at the opera :)
    LLJ xx

  2. Hi Jaki, thanks for visiting my WOYWDW. Your summer of English teaching has just started whilst I have just this morning taught my last lesson! Well, when I say 'taught' I spent 2 hors eating chocolate cake with my CAE group. I teac h ESOL in a 6th form college and am very happy that I no longer need to do Summer School - although the trips were fun