Friday, 22 June 2012

Why I Love my Job (sometimes!)

I haven't always been an English teacher. When I left school in 1979 I went to work in the Midland Bank in Brighton. I went on to have a very successful career and would probably still be there if my first husband hadn't decided that he didn't love me anymore!
As my whole life had fallen apart I decided to make a complete break and left my well paid job and moved to Turkey, a little bit like Shirley Valentine. Before I went I paid £120 to do a weekend TEFL course, thinking that I could teach English whilst I was there. Well I had a very eventful time there and, when I have time, I will write a novel about it! I did do a little teaching while I was there, even though I now know I wasn't even remotely qualified to.
When I came back to the UK I eventually got a job at Gatwick Airport and on my days off I earnt £15 per hour teaching my mum's Japanese student English, finally earning back the money I'd paid out on the course.
Time passed, I met my husband and we settled down and had two children and I continued working at the airport. Then one day I was in a local park and got chatting to an Italian au pair and I offered my services as an English teacher. Whilst we were chatting she told me about homestudy teaching. I hadn't heard of it before, I knew about hosting foreign students whilst they studied at language schools but not about hosting students and teaching them yourself. 
This chance meeting not only made me a new friend but also set me on my new career path. That year I signed up for a TEFL course at a local college and the rest, as they say, is history.
And the reason I love my job? I'll let the pictures tell their own story.
 Playing a game practising the use of 'will' for decisions
The outdoor classroom

The view from my desk
This was Wednesday's lesson.
On Thursday we went to London as my student loves Paddington Bear and he wanted to see Paddington station. I was also taking him to see Horrible Histories at the Garrick Theatre. Before the trip Anton had prepared a presentation on Paddington Bear, he'd also prepared some activities for me to do including a quiz! During our trip we had some wonderful discussions about security, terrorism and the differences in our two countries. All this whilst being paid handsomely!
Seriously, if you've ever thought of changing your career, I would urge you to consider teaching English. You meet the most wonderful people along the way and get to share our history and culture and learn more about life in other countries.

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