Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Another very quick post for WOYWW

One of the bonuses of working from home is that you can be spontaneous, so today I am taking my student out for his English lesson! We will go to a garden centre where he can help me choose plants then we are going to a local garden to do some activities in the sunshine then we will come home and after lunch he can help me plant my tubs! It's called 'Functional English'

If you want to see some more crafty desks, head over to the stamping ground for a quick nosey!

Quick before the sun goes in


  1. Have a great tie choosing plants , happy crafting or should i really say happy planting today , jill #52

  2. Enjoy your day out.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #57

  3. Wow! You were super speedy in commenting today Mrs. M! You chose the right day to do the panting, we're supposed to get more rain tomorrow!

  4. That should, of course, have been 'planting' and not 'panting'!!

  5. I hope you've enjoyed the day of 'functional English'. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #87 x

  6. LOLOL - functional English!! He can come and practise his english at my place...this is the hoover, where is the duster? etc etc! Do you think he'd like that????
    Hugs, LLJ #72 xx

  7. Sounds perfectly feasible to me and much more um.. can't think of the word but when the information goes in better because you are using it in the situation? Immersion? I hope he now knows the English for "slug"!

  8. what a fabulous way of learning!

  9. You are always so busy ...but that was a brilliant way to teach your student. I LOVE your table #9

  10. Functional English, I know a few people who could do with a lesson in that!!
    Sorry I'm a bit late, thanks for sharing x
    Sophie no.92

  11. Functional English sounds like another way of getting someone to do the donkey work. Good on yer Jacko!
    (I saw Hazel yesterday, ex Nanny GH. do you remember her ?)

  12. I wish you were my teacher when I was younger, What a awesome day you will of had by now that is.

    Happy crafting this week
    Eliza #164
    Please respond only to the queenartoypia blog.

  13. happy WOYWW! the wood of your desk is gorgeous. sounds like a fun lesson for your student!
    hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

  14. am sure you school day was better than mine :)
    thanks for sharing,playing catchup this week
    kay #63

  15. Sounds fab! Take care, am snooping still on Sunday, late but determined to get round more than I have for a few weeks! Zo xx 73

  16. BUT, can I get a student to learn housework phrases? I have an english speaking student in the house who genuinely seems astonished by such words!! Marvellous post , and the one aboutnwhy you love your, what an interesting life youve led!

    1. Thanks! I really have had a varied life so far and, according to my 11 year old, I'm only half way through it. Mind you he did say it's all downhill from here on in!

  17. Sounds like fun English to me. Schooling outside is the way to go.

    Thanks for visiting my desk and I agree I am turning into my mum, glasses and all!

    Belinda (110)