Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Welcome to another WOYWW or should that be WOYBFW? The picture below might give you a clue as to the new acronym
During the summer I have to move my craft things to the bedroom and, when I have to make something, I usually use the bedroom floor!
What you can see is a Teresa Collins paper pack which I bought from Create & Craft a couple of weeks ago. Also a Martha Stewart score board and some paper pads which my niece got for me in America. All I need now is some time!
Can't wait to rip into this!
We have a new student now and he has settled in nicely, well apart from over sleeping on the first day and then getting up at 4.30 the next.
The last thing I want to share with you is a picture of a cake my son made at school. I am thinking that maybe the ability to cook is genetic!
If you want to have a look at some more workspaces, hop over to Julia's blog for a shufty.


  1. Your sons cake looks great, thanks for stopping by! Trace. X

  2. Great cake! Love the patriotic design! And, if you go to my blog, you'll see the floor next to my work desk. It's a total disaster! Your goodies look like a lot of fun! Happy WOYWW! Carol N #121

  3. What a great cake! I think my husband would have a fit if I took over the bedroom too, as I think that's the only place in our home that doesn't have craft items!

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  4. I often post pictures of my floor or my bed. A workdesk is wherever you're working! Martha's scoreboard is great, but i recommend using an embossing tool, you know with a round ball of metal on the end, rather than the plastic tool.

    Great stash. cheers, rachel #68

  5. love your new goodies! The floor is a great place to work, plenty of space! love that cake, just perfect for our july 4th celebrations next week!

  6. You've got better knees than me if you craft on the floor!! I sometimes cut out fabric on the floor if I'm doing runners and I do creak a bit on standing back up again, lol!
    I love all those bits and pieces, buttons etc but they made me think of Christmas!! Nooooo, LLJ, you mentioned the C word....ooh sorry *shivers*
    Hope all is going well with the new student :)
    HUgs, LLJ #3 xx

  7. No, I am not running to the store to get a cake! I will fight this urg for a couple of hours. Aside from that you have some great items showing! Thanks for sharing. #118

  8. Hi Jaki!

    Oh don't feel bad, I have a craft room and often I still end up on the floor spreading out. It's not the best on my back but I love spreading out. Okay that Teresa Collins kit looks like I might have to buy it!! Very nice.

    I have to say, I am lousy at decorating cakes. That cake your son made is quite impressive.

    Thanks for stopping by my desk and I will try to send some sunshine your way so you can make some suncatchers.

    Belinda (110)

  9. is it comfortable crafting on the floor? enjoy your new goodies :)
    happy blogging
    kay #65

  10. I used to craft on the floor, just for more space but then the cats would run off with stuff so I had to stop!

  11. I've had a WOYBFW (bedroom floor)..and a WOYSW (sofa) and a WOYDRTW (DINING ROOM TABLE) WOYKWTW (Kitchen worktop) and even WOYLSW (Loo seat) we crafty crafters can craft ANYWHERE!! Always love new stash! HaPpY wOyWw!!
    Sorry very late, builders are here putting in new windows. Happy Crafting!!
    ((Lyn)) #32

  12. happy WOYWW! my desk is in my bedroom so the craft stuff often reaches the floor. i try to clean up right away though (before the hubby complains). those new embellishments and papers are so gorgeous!
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS