Saturday, 31 December 2011

The End of The Year

Last blog of my first year of a blogger. I usually don't like New Year and tend to stay in with my husband and children watching DVDs, but this year we've been invited to a friend's house for a child friendly party. The evening will consist of curry, champagne, crackers and childish games. I've printed off a quiz from the internet and the instructions for beetle. Last night I woke up about 3.30 and couldn't get back to sleep and for some reason this game popped into my head, I used to play it with my Godmother when I went to stay with her in the holidays. She even took me to beetle drives at the local village hall, ah happy days!
I've made a chocolate coca cola cake, which is currently cooling on the side.

Chocolate Cola Cake
 On Thursday we all went out for a cooked breakfast at Sea Lane Cafe in Goring. This place is always busy, even on the greyest gloomiest of days. It's always worth the wait though.

Beach Huts at Sea Lane

On Friday my husband went back to work and the children invited a friend over to play on their new X-Box, I took this opportunity to make a couple of cards, it's been a while.

I used some of my new stash from October Afternoon which arrived on Thursday, I love OA and I love my niece who lives in America and kindly agrees to be my post handler!
In the afternoon the boys decided they wanted to go to Brighton to spend their Christmas money. So we duly drove along the seafront to Brighton and after avoiding the traffic jam by using some little back streets we arrived at the car parks. My usual car park was jam packed so I went to another one, which is much more expensive; £4 per hour, I kid you not. We all decided that we wouldn't risk going over an hour and they understood it was silly to spend £8 on parking, so we drove home!
In the evening I had an invite to a party at an old school friend's but my car wouldn't start so I stayed in and watched Kirsty Wiseman doing a scrap book page on U-Stream and then played Lego Indiana Jones on the X-Box. Don't tell anyone but I actually enjoyed it, I had no idea what I was doing, I just followed instructions.
Anyway, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2012, I'm really looking forward to next year for some reason.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Happy New Year Jacko! I don't like New Year either and went to bed and read my book. Bah humbug! Your cake looks delish!

  2. Coca cola cake? Yum! Please share the recipe! Hope you enjoyed the party. Love your description of the x box game...just followed the instructions...see, life can be simple!!!