Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas in November

After a restless night, I blame the wine and the Prima ideas running through my mind, I was again up early and out of the house at ten, you have to love early kick-offs, don't you? My youngest son plays football for a local team and has been having a really successful season, played 8 won 8, and are top of the league. This makes a wonderful change from previous seasons where they have been down the bottom, losing more than winning. Unfortunately, today they lost 2-0 to the team in second place. Never one to be down hearted he came off smiling as he just enjoys playing the game.

In the afternoon I went into town with my boys as they had some DS games they wanted to sell to raise a little money for their Christmas shopping fund (or maybe just to spend on themselves is probably nearer to the truth) Worthing was buzzing with shoppers and street entertainers and I took great pride in trying to show my boys up by dancing to the Lindy Hoppers and singing along to the band, it worked a treat.
They took me to see the baby rabbits in the pet store and I managed to get out without buying the cute black and white mini lop although I was sorely tempted.

I'd bought a mini turkey roast from Lidl and had decided to do a mini Christmas dinner for us today and wanted to lay the table nicely, once I'd found it under the buttons, lace, materials, stamp pads and other crafty stuff which usually covers it during the week. I made some place tags and wrapped them round the serviettes and I think they looked quite nice. The dinner was lovely and the evening was rounded off with St Trinian's and 27 Dresses.

Perfect weekend, how was yours?

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