Friday, 25 November 2011

A week in a paragraph

So, here is the reason I was late blogging, well one of them.
The first was that I couldn't post the first edition of my day for some reason. Having re-done it and successfully posted, I have now found the original! Blooming Blogger.
I have been busy making things for various craft fairs I have coming up. My button heart went down well with my Facebook friends, so much so that I have an order from a famous TV presenter, well she's famous on QVC!

I really need to do a bit more research before I price things up as I have a tendancy to underprice. I've also been making bunting, lavender bags, cushions and cards.

Right, I have to go now and wash up before I make a mess again.
I promise to try and blog more frequently and in fewer words.
Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

  1. Hooray Jacko's blogging at last! Am I your first commentor?
    Sounds like you had a fab b'day, great snaps btw. LOVE your craft fair stuff, mine is tomorrow so am hastily doing last minute things. Not a whizz with the old Singer like you though, your bunting is ace.
    Thanks for coming!