Monday, 28 November 2011

Manic Monday

I am so busy at this time of year and have always found it useful to write lists as ticking things off it gives me great pleasure. I'm currently preparing for another craft fair on Saturday at a school in Surrey where my friend is a teacher. I did it last year and it was lovely, the children and parents all loved my stuff and quite a few of them bought it too, which is generally the idea! This year my friend asked if I would run a card making session with some of the children on the evening before the craft fair. I said yes as I knew that the children would be well behaved and interested in what I was showing them. What I hadn't banked on was the fact that my friend would dictate what she wanted them to make! I had to come up with cards with movement, 3D and something else other than a bog standard card. I thought about what I could do and had a few ideas and had set aside today to make the three samples, luckily I was free from 9-3 as it took forever. That and the four loads of washing I had to do to catch up.
These are the finished samples, not bad for six hours work, luckily I don't charge by the hour, isn't it?
The first problem I had was with the star card. I'd seen the card in the Prima magazine on Saturday night and thought, 'That'll be easy to knock out.' How wrong can you be? Did you know you can't fold a five pointed star in half and that a six pointed star template is hard to find? No, neither did I until today. The card above is made by putting two triangle together and cutting round them. After I'd done this I posted on the QVC Craft Facebook page asking if anyone knew where I could get a 6 pointed star template from and within a minute the answer came back. Now why didn't I do that first?    If you want to join this group, it's brilliant!/groups/260491897306237/
The tree card was simple and I used a template from Activity Village. The funky card with the baubles is made using the fabulous Kirsty Wiseman's digi downloads and a doyley. The children won't be getting their hands on that ribbon as it is my all time fave.

All I have to do now is prep all the materials, write instruction sheets have a large gin and lie down.

I somehow managed to do all the washing, make the tea, get my son and his friend to football training on time, have a shower and watch the soaps!
Just another day in my madhouse.
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