Saturday, 26 November 2011

Crafty Fun Day

Setting the alarm for 8am on a Saturday is not something I usually look forward to but I was doing my first craft fair at an unknown venue and didn't want to be late. I needn't have worried about oversleeping as I was wide awake at 7.30 and was waiting outside the Salvation Army Church hall at 8.55! I was considering knocking on the doors when a car rolled up and two earnest looking elderly ladies lumbered out and I assumed that they were in charge. Indeed they were and they welcomed me into the hall.
Now, I'd been expecting a large hall full of tables with plenty of stall holders with which to compete. My image couldn't have been further from the truth. The sale was to take place in their cafe with just a few little tables with just three or four other people selling their wares!
The event was a coffee morning and the sale was more of a side event! The people were lovely and the cakes were amazing. Everybody loved my things and complimented me on my skills and all I could think of was 'Yes, I know they're lovely now just put your hand in your pocket and buy something!' I was beginning to worry that I wouldn't even sell enough to cover the cost of the table (£5!)
I thought that it was going to be a complete waste of time but when I checked my watch I realised that the actual sale had only been going twenty minutes I'd just been there so long it felt like it was nearly over. It didn't end up too badly, I sold about £30 worth of stuff and the only sour note was that somebody stole a lavender bag off the stall. I have no idea how it could have happened. I was really annoyed as the bag in question was stuffed full of lovely lavender, hand thrashed by my 11 year old and hand sewn by me whilst watching Corrie. All I can hope is that they enjoy the bag and don't feel too guilty about stealing from me :-(
Now, I don't get out much but I also had a date that same evening. To prove how sad my life is I was so excited about the evening and all that was happening was that I was popping round a friend's house as she was child free for the evening!
So I duly walked round to her's, after Strictly, clutching my bottle of Sav Blanc and my newly purchased Love Actually DVD full of excitement and anticipation of the hangover that was sure to follow. The evening was wonderful, full of laughs and gossip. Can you believe you can have so much fun for £3.50 (Tesco wine sales are amazing)? And, can you also believe that it takes four hours to read a Prima Christmas magazine from cover to cover? Well it did that night and before I knew it it was gone midnight.
A wonderful day and a little cash in my pot too.
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  1. Hi Jacko, Sorry to hear your craft fair was a bit of a let down and can't believe people stoop so low, stealing a Lav bag! Better luck next time hey and take your camera!