Friday, 25 November 2011

Sorry I'm Late!

First of all, forgive me! When I check people's blogs every morning I get quite cross when they haven't been updated and here I am doing the same thing on my first entry!

So I am now officially 49 and 4 days having woken up on Monday in London. I'd travelled up on the Sunday afternoon with my husband for an overnight stay. I learnt a couple of things whilst I was there; did you know that stopping to take photos is dawdling? Or that the lovely Christmas Market which has just opened on the South Bank was  put there solely to get in my husband's way? And, that when you are in a pub near London Bridge station watching Liverpool vs Chelsea you do not cheer when Chelsea score? No, neither did I but I do now.
Going to London with my husband is certainly a different experience to my usual trips to the big smoke! We stayed at The Premier Inn, Southwark which I would recommend to anyone wanting a cheap stay in the centre of things. After a glass of bubbly, paid for by my lovely M-I-L, we continued our walk along the river with me providing the running commentary. I was determined to take him to The Mudlark, made famous in Sky's programme The Mud Men starring Johnny Vaughan. Well, what a discovery! No Johnny but Mulled Cyder, I'll certainly be making this very soon. My husband was desperate to find a pub showing the football so we continued our walk and finally found a pub, it was a bit the the Old Vic, luckily Chelsea lost so there was no punch ups at the final whistle.
Dinner was in The Real Greek, Bankside, a favourite of ours and my son who I delighted in texting to tell him where we were! I'm a meam momma.
We got back to our room in time for Strictly results show, I know how to live!
Breakfast was wonderful, no really it was, a huge fry up in a greasy spoon with all the workmen in their high viz jackets reading The Sun. The workmen were reading The Sun not me, just so as you know.
More wandering along the river followed taking photos, dawdling, and generally enjoying the lovely weather.
We caught an afternoon train so that we'd be home in time for the boys finishing school, and for me to open presents and eat cake!
It was a very different birthday and one I really enjoyed as it lasted three days! Roll on the big five oh is all I can say.
Thanks for reading and sorry if I bored you, I'm used to summing up my days in fewer words!

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