Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Workfree Wednesday

Woke up this morning feeling pants as a cold has taken hold. Not good news when you know you'll be looking after four boys as the schools are closed due to the strike. I also knew that I wouldn't get much done for the craft fair.
My husband and eldest son spent the day making a model of a WW1 trench using real mud, most of which was all over the table. I did manage to do the boys advent calendar, which is some feat and takes a surprising amount of planning. Last year I made an advent bunting at a work shop at The Eternal Maker in Chichester, this is a wonderful place full of buttons, ribbons material and card making supplies. They run a lot of different workshops throughout the year. The bunting consists of 24 little houses with a pocket in the front where you can put little goodies. I put a sweet in each and then some tokens which entitles the holder either to a treat or a little present. I have been doing a similar thing for years with my boys but the treats are getting harder to think of as they are a bit too old for 'Choose a book at bedtime'
I hope they're happy with this year's treats.
                                      This is the 24 houses waiting to be hung on the buttons

                                                   All the coupons waiting to go in the houses
                                           Here they are hanging in a row waiting for the boys
                                                         Strung out along the wall

I took the boys bowling in the afternoon, along with every other school child in the town! A quick trip to MCD and everyone was happy, except the bank manager.
I'm glad they'll be back at school tomorrow and I'll be able to get everything sorted for the weekend.
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