Monday, 12 December 2011

A Cheeky Little Nerd

It's not often that my husband and I get to spend time together, possibly why we've stayed together, so today was nice as he had a day off work. We went into town to choose his new frames for his glasses and also to spend his birthday vouchers. I was very good and let him spend them on himself, usually he gives them to me, he bought a belt and a lovely pale grey jumper from Next.
Before we started though we had a coffee in Cafe Nero, or Nerd as I like to call it. For some reason it seemed naughty to be sitting in a cafe at 10.30 on a Monday morning with my husband, almost illicit! I need to get out more.
It has been over seven months since I've had a haircut so I thought it was high time I got it sorted. In Worthing we have a hairdresser's called Celly's where you just go in and wait, a bit like a barber's and, the good thing is that everything is £9. Even better was that last year my mum gave me vouchers for my birthday and I'd only spent one so my lovely new haircut cost me £2! My youngest son said I look like Claudia Winklewoman, he saw it as an insult I prefer to think of it as a compliment as I love Claudia.
Whilst I was being blow dried I received a phone call from my eldest son's school saying he was not feeling well and needed to come home. Pah, illicit time well and truly over for me then.
I did manage to make these for Amy Shaw, a well known TV presenter!

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo but I was too lazy to get my other camera from upstairs.
My husband and youngest son went off to Chelsea to watch the match and I decided to snuggle up on the sofa with a little bit of Hugh and Love Actually. What actually happened was that I got waylaid by Mrs Doubtfire and ended up watching that, great film, you have to love Robin Williams.
Hope you are all well and didn't suffer too much damage from the winds
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  1. Who the hell is Amy Shaw? Someone off QVC?? Btw someone in Load Control sends his regards.