Saturday, 3 December 2011

Fair Time

Waking up in a narrow, single bed in a girl's bedroom is a little strange and a silent house on a Saturday morning is unheard of where I live. It was a nice feeling to pad around in a big Surrey mansion, well big by my standards anyway! After my cup of tea I set about icing 36 cup cakes luckily I'd decided just to flat ice them and decorate with a shop bought topper. They did look sweet.

After a late breakfast my friend and I made our way to the fair to finish setting up my table and get ready for the masses.

It was lovely to receive some lovely feedback from parents on my card workshop, they were really happy with the standard of the cards the children had made, this made up for the fact that I later realised I'd left all my supplies behind and I think they may be gone forever.

After a slow start I did manage some sales and even a final flurry on cushions while we were packing up.
These specimens are now gracing the finest conservatories in Godalming! I had to reduce the prices on some things even though I know cushions and bunting are much more expensive in the shops. Never mind, I learn from every event I do. Just need to find an outlet for my things as I love making them. Maybe next year I'll sell on Ebay or Etsy. After we'd packed up we drove back to Godalming to mooch around but I the only thing I bought was a Waitrose sandwich!
I got back home about 6pm and my boys were very happy to see me, I think I need to go away more often.
Sunday was always going to be a lazy day for me, well apart from getting up early to make my husband and son a bacon roll to go. They had an early start for football but I was excused as I was ill.
We had a lovely roast dinner and watched Elf together, all except my husband who retired to bed at 7.30 with man flu.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Those cushions are SO pretty! And YES you absolutely should join in with WOYWW. Have a look around Lunch Lady Jan's blog as she is a sewer (why does that look like something horrid under the ground rather than a person who sews?)