Wednesday, 14 December 2011


So, this is my first attempt at What's on your worktop Wednesday as I usually blog in the morning after the night before, if you get me?

Anyway, here's mine

I've just iced those cakes, one for a friend and one to sell to a mum from my son's school. In the background you can see a massive box full of Christmas themed papers and lovelies from yesterday's card making session plus my lovely jar of buttons.
Later today I will be making padded hangers as a present for my mum, I've never made them before but I have 'Sew' by Cath Kidston as a guide and youtube as a back up. I also need to wrap some presents and write some cards, oh and clean out the animals, make the tea, do the laundry, go to the post office, the shopping, take my son to his school disco, phone my mum....... you get the picture?
Wish I knew how to but those little linky things in where you click on them and they take you to other sites, but that's on my list for next year!
Thanks for looking at my work surface!


  1. Love the name of your blog!! Those cakes are very cute. If you want any help on learning how to add a link to your post or anything else... I would help. :)

    Shirley Pumpkin #63

  2. Hi there, just popping in to say Hi. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing a snippit of your creative life with us today.
    Neil #13

  3. Hi Jaki,

    The cakes look scrummy! another busy day ahead for you.

    to add a link -
    1) highlight the word you want to link when posting
    2) open up another window with the page you want to link
    3)copy and paste the link in the tool bar on the other window.
    4)go back to your blogging page and click the link button.
    5)Then paste the limk into the add URL.then click add

    Lol! I hope thet works for you, I don't think i've missed anything. hope this helps:0)

  4. Love the title hun, wont give you a lesson as someone beat me to it, but welcome to the world of taking a peek at others lives, much more entertaining and inspiring than that squre thing in the front room! lol
    Bit late getting on this week due to various disasters, but belated happy WOYWW
    Lou #102

  5. Wow and busy week and beautiful festive looking cakes... have a great week...xx

  6. The cakes looks like they have a blanket of snow. I joined in on WOYWW for the first time today also! Seems that I've run into about four others so far.

    You sure have a lot on your to do list!! Don't wear yourself out before Christmas!!

    WOYWW #82

  7. Those cakes look fabulous, hope you manage to get everything done!
    Sharon #97

  8. Yummy, those cakes look fantasic, Happy Weds, Hugs May x x x x x

  9. Beautiful cakes! Sounds like you are going to have a busy day! Take time for yourself! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  10. I turned 50 in August this year - don't panic, it's a gas. It made me deicde I wasn't going to worry about the stupid petty things and instead celebrate the positive. It's been a blast :)
    Your cakes look amazing - my icing attempts are a road crash... But best of all is your button jar. Oh boy, would I like a riffle through those beauties!!
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  11. I'm doing a quick drop in on the WOYWW desks to see what you've all been up to this week. Looks like we are all busy busy this week getting ready for the big day.
    Have a great week.
    A x
    ps if you would like to support me I am looking out for votes for my poppy pic. Please pop over to my blog and follow the links if you have a spare minute.

  12. Welcome to WOYWW Jaki, how great to have you on the morning!! Lovely cakes, I figure you'll have no problem with the sewing if you can do cakes like this! Join us again won't you, we will need , at some stage, to see inside the box!!

  13. Hi Jacko,
    Ace cakes! I see you've had instructions for linking but if you get stuck email me. I didn't have a clue at first either!
    You're not coming up in my reader again so forgive me if I miss a few posts. What IS going on with Blogger?