Friday, 9 December 2011

Frenetic Friday

Number one son still off school so the bad news is I had to cancel a lunch date I had with some old colleagues but the good news was I had more hours in the day to make cards.
First job was to marzipan three Christmas cakes, well two actually because I didn't have enough marzipan. I'm tempted to just ice the cake but there are varying reports as to how successful this is so I'll just get myself of to Lidl and buy some more. As much as I hate to give my mother credit for anything but I really have to thank her for the tip of rolling pastry out between two sheets of cling film. Why? Because I transferred the idea to marzipan and for the first time in over twenty years of rolling out marzipan , I didn't swear once!

Next on the list was making some more cards. Last week I received a massive box of October Afternoon papers and embellishments which I'd bought from their Santa Sack Sale, it was a massive bargain even taking into account the cost of postage from the USA to here. I admit it does help when you have a lovely niece living in California who is willing to post things to you. Anyway, I brought down all the papers and then was lost for inspiration so I had a look on Google images and was soon on my way.
Their papers are so lovely I don't know how I'm going to part with these cards. I went on to make twelve cards in total and I'll post pictures of the others tomorrow.
Only one more week before the boys break up from school for the holidays so next week is going to be frantic as I always try to be completely finished by that time so we can all just relax and enjoy the build up.
This weekend is going to be manic as on Sunday there will be eighteen of us round my house for a pre Christmas get together. I must be mad.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Jaki - here via Kirsty Wiseman's blog. Don't fear the big five-o too much! I got married on my 50th six years ago and can honestly say the day will always be the favourite in my life's memories. It started me scrapbooking, then cardmaking; it taught me that love in all its fullness has nothing to do with good health or a hefty purse; and that life is best taken one day at a time. I am following your blog now!

  2. Hi mad Jak,
    I have a confession, I have never made a christmas cake! I'm great on mince pies tho'.
    Have a cake in oven at present and will blog later if it doesn't look like a dogs dinner.
    Fab cards, are you doing a roaring trade at the school gates?